John Campbell


John Campbell, miscellaneous writer, was born in Edinburgh, son of a captain of horse. He was a lawyer's clerk at Windsor and man of letters in London. A friend of Samuel Johnson and Thomas Warton, Campbell was a linguistic polymath who contributed to Robert Dodsley's Museum and wrote a considerable portion of the Biographia Britannica. The University of Glasgow honored Campbell's fulsome literary labors with an LL.D. (1754).


1741On Hope.
1741The Legend of Poverty.
1741The Polite Correspondence: Book IV. Letter I.


The military history of Prince Eugene and of John Duke of Marlborough. 2 vols 1736-37.
The trials and adventures of Edward Brown. 1739.
Memoirs of the Basha Duke de Riperda. 1739.
A concise history of the Spanish America. 1741.
The polite correspondence or rational amusement. 1741.
The case of the Opposition impartially stated. 1742.
A letter to a friend in the country on the publication of Thurloe's State papers. 1742.
Lives of the admirals and other eminent British seamen. 4 vols, 1742-44.
Hermippus revived. 1743.
Navigantium atque itineratium biblioteca: or a compleat collection of voyages and travels. 2 vols, 1744-48.
Sentiments of a Dutch patriot. 1746.
Biographia Britannica. 6 vols, 1747-66.
A discourse on providence. 1748.
Occasional thoughts on moral, serious, and religious subjects. 1749.
The present state of Europe [from Dodsley's Museum]. 1750.
An exact account of the greatest white herring fishery in Scotland. 1750.
A letter from the Prince of infernal regions. 1751.
The naturalization bill confuted. 1751.
His royal highness Frederick late Prince of Wales decyphered. 1751.
A vade mecoum; or companion for the unmarried ladies. 1752.
A particular but melancholy account of the great hardships, difficulties, and miseries [of] the common women of the town. 1752.
The shepherd of Banbury's rules. [n.d.].
A full description of the Highlands of Scotland. 1751.
The case of the publicans. 1752.
A description and history of the new sugar islands. [n.d.].
A treatise on the trade of Great Britain to America. 1772.
A political survey of Britain. 2 vols, 1774.