Edward Burnaby Greene

(1740 ca.-1788)

Edward Burnaby, brother of Admiral William Burnaby, studied at Corpus Christi College Cambridge (matriculated 1755). "Greene" was added to his name as a condition of inheriting a brewery in Westminster from his uncle. In 1779 he was forced by debts contracted by the brewery to sell a valuable library and live in retirement. Greene translated Greek and Latin poets and contributed to the Chatterton controversy, defending the authenticity of the Rowley poems.


1764Cam. An Elegy.
1767An Essay on Pastoral Poetry.
1782To the Lernede Deane Percy: Greteying.


Satires of Juvenal paraphrastically imitated. 1763.
The tower: a poetical epistle, inscribed to John Wilkes, Esq. 1763.
Cam, an elegy. 1764.
Friendship. A satire. 1764.
The laureate, a poem, inscribed to the memory of Churchill. 1765.
An essay on pastoral poetry, in The idylliums of Theocritus. 1767.
Works of Anacreon and Sappho, with pieces of ancient authors. 1768.
Critical essays. 1770.
Poetical essays. 1772.
Hero and Leander [Musaeus]. 1773.
The Pythian, Nemean, and Isthmian odes of Pindar translated. 1778.
The satires of Perseus paraphrastically imitated. 1779.
The Argonautic expedition, translated [Apollonius]. 1780.
Whispers for the ear of the author of Thelyphtora. 1781.
Strictures on ... Cursory observations on the poems attributed to Rowley [by Edmond Malone]. 1782.
Ode to the humane society. 1784.