Rev. Joseph Warton


Joseph, the elder brother of Thomas and Jane Warton, attended Winchester and Oriel College, Oxford (B.A. 1744, M.A. 1759, D.D. from New College 1768); he was curate of Chelsea, rector of Tunworth, and prebendary of St. Paul's (1782) and Westminster (1788). Warton returned to Winchester College in 1755 where he served as headmaster from 1766 until his death. An amiable man and polite writer, Warton contributed to Dodsley's Collection of Poems and assisted John Nichols in selecting poems for its successor, A Select Collection of Poems (1780-84).


1736 ca.[The Palace of Vanity.]
1739Sappho's Advice.
1740 ca.[Fragment of an Allegory.]
1740[Sketch of a Subject for Verse.]
1744The Enthusiast: or, the Lover of Nature. A Poem.
1746Ode I. To Fancy
1746Ode II. To Liberty.
1746Ode III. To Health. Written on a Recovery from the Small-Pox.
1746Ode IV. To Superstition.
1746Ode IX. To the Nightingale.
1746Ode VI. Against Despair.
1746Ode VII. To Evening.
1746Ode X. On the Spring. To a Lady.
1746Ode XI. To a Lady who hates the Country.
1746Ode XII. On the Death of —
1746Ode XIII. On Shooting.
1746Ode XIV. To Solitude.
1746Odes on Various Subjects: The Advertisement.
1746To Superstition. An Ode.
1747Ode VIII. The Happy Life. [To Content.]
1748An Ode, written in a Grotto near Farnham in Surrey, call'd Ludlow's Cave.
1748Ode on the Death of the Author.
1748Ode to Sleep.
1748Retirement: an Ode.
1753A Dissertation upon Pastoral Poetry.
1753Adventurer 57 [On Personifications.]
1753The World 26 [On Simplicity.]
1756Dedication to Essay on Genius and Writings of Pope.
1756Essay on the Genius and Writings of Pope.
1761To his Royal Highness the Duke of York, written from Winchester-Camp.
1780[Letters to John Nichols.]
1782An Essay on the Genius and Writings of Pope. Volume the Second.
1797Note to Part of the Ninth Ode of the Fourth Book. A Fragment.
1797Note to The Alley.


Fashion: an epistolary satire to a friend. 1742.
The enthusiast, or the lover of nature. A poem. 1744.
Odes on various subjects. 1746.
Ranelagh house: a satire in prose. 1747.
Thomas Warton Sr, Poems on several occasions, ed. Joseph Warton. 1748.
An ode, occasioned by reading Mr West's translation of Pindar. 1749.
An ode to evening. 1749.
The works of Virgil in Latin and English [Eclogues and Georgics trans. Warton]. 4 vols. 1753.
An essay on the writings and genius of Pope. 1756, 2 vols, 1782.
Sir Philip Sidney's Defense of poetry, and observations on poetry and eloquence, from the Discoveries of Ben Jonson [ed. Warton]. 1787.
The works of Alexander Pope [ed. Warton]. 9 vols, 1797.
The poetical works of John Dryden [ed. John Warton]. 4 vols, 1811.
The three Wartons, a choice of their verse, ed. Eric Partridge. 1927.