Rev. Percival Stockdale


The only son of a Northumberland clergyman, Percival Stockdale attended grammar schools at Alnwick and Berwick; after studies at St. Andrews University he served two years in the army before settling in London about 1760. He edited the Universal Magazine (1771) and the Critical Review (he is supposed to have contributed 2,600 articles between 1771 and 1785). Stockdale took orders in 1780 and was Rector of Hinworth in Hertfordshire before returning to Northumberland.


1807Lecture I. Spenser.
1807Lecture XVII. Chatterton.


A poetical address to the Supreme Being. 1764.
Churchill defended: a poem. 1765.
The constituents: a poem. 1765.
The Amyntas of Tasso, translated. 1770.
Antiquities of Greece [Bos, trans. Stockdale]. 1772.
The poet: a poem. 1773.
Three discourses. 1773.
The institutions of the ancient nations [Sabbathier, trans. Stockdale]. 2 vols, 1776.
Six discourses. 1777.
An inquiry into the nature and genuine laws of poetry. 1778.
Miscellanies in prose and verse. 1778.
Letters from Rivers to Cardigan [Riccobini, trans. Stockdale]. 1778.
An examination of the question whether education, at a school or by private tuition, is preferable? 1782.
An essay on misanthropy. 1783.
Three poems. 1784.
A sermon after the funeral of T. Knipe. 1785.
Ximenes: a tragedy. 1788.
A letter to Sharp, suggested by the insurrection of the negroes. 1791.
Thirteen sermons to seamen. 1791.
Observations on the writing and conduct of our reformers. 1792.
Poetical thoughts and views on the banks of the Wear. 1792.
Two farewell letters. 1792.
The Seasons [Thomson, ed. Stockdale]. 1793.
A letter to Mr. Bryant on Pope's Universal prayer. 1793.
A letter on the liberty of the press. 1794.
Poems by the late S. M. Oram, ed. Stockdale. 1794.
The invincible island: a poem. 1797.
The naval first of August. 1798.
A discourse on the duties and advantages of old age. 1801.
The reply of English truth to French gasconade. 1801.
A remonstrance against inhumanity to animals. 1802.
An epitaph on a very pretty and most amiable cat. 1803.
To Mr. Poerter on his proposals to paint some of our principal achievements during the late war. 1803.
A poetical tribute to Lord Nelson. 1806.
An epitaph on Mr. Pitt. 1806.
Lectures on the truly eminent English poets. 2 vols, 1807.
Poems. 2 vols, 1808.
Memoirs of the life and writings of Percival Stockdale ... by himself. 2 vols, 1809.