Robert Southey


The future Laureate was dismissed from Westminster School for organizing a protest against flogging; at Balliol College Oxford (he wrote poetry and espoused radical views. The Pantisocratic League Southey planned with Coleridge came to nothing, as did a career in law. He traveled to Spain (1795) and Portugal (1800) before settling in the Lake District and pursuing a career publishing essays, reviews, and a series of ethnographic romances. Southey joined the Quarterly Review in 1808 and accepted the position of Poet Laureate in 1813.


1791To Horror.
1792To Contemplation.
1794A Collegiate Address to the Chapel Bell.
1794Botany Bay Eclogue. Elinor.
1794Botany Bay Eclogues II: Humphrey and William.
1794Botany Bay Eclogues III. John, Samuel, and Richard.
1794Botany Bay Eclogues IV: Frederic.
1794Ode written on the First of January, 1794.
1794The Retrospect.
1795To Hymen.
1795To Lycon.
1796Hymn to the Penates.
1796On my own miniature Picture, taken at Two Years of Age.
1797Hannah. A Plaintive Tale. [English Eclogues III. The Funeral.]
1797[To Joseph Cottle; John Opie's Paintings after Spenser.]
1798Botany Bay Eclogue: Edward and Susan.
1798Ode. The Delivery of Holland.
1798The Battle of Bosworth. An Eclogue.
1799Eclogue, The Last of the Family.
1799Elegy on a Quid of Tobacco.
1799Elegy upon Eggs and Bacon.
1799English Eclogues I. The Old Mansion-House.
1799English Eclogues II. The Grandmother's Tale.
1799English Eclogues IV. The Sailor's Mother.
1799English Eclogues V. The Witch.
1799English Eclogues VI. The Ruined Cottage.
1799English Eclogues: Preface.
1799Reflections on an old Pair of Shoes.
1799The Dirge of the American Widow.
1799The Oak of our Fathers.
1799The Vision of the Maid of Orleans. The First Book.
1799The Vision of the Maid of Orleans. The Second Book.
1799The Vision of the Maid of Orleans. The Third Book.
1799To a Pigeon.
1800 ca.Ideas and Studies for Literary Composition. Pastoral Poetry.
1800St. Juan Gualberto.
1800The Wedding.
1801Thalaba the Destroyer.
1806Review of Todd's Spenser.
1809The Alderman's Funeral, an English Eclogue.
1811[To Walter Savage Landor, 11 January 1811.]
1812Henry More's Song of the Soul.
1814Carmen Triumphale.
1814Review of Chalmers's English Poets.
1814[To G. C. Bedford, 7 August 1814; on poetical Imitation.]
1816The Lay of the Laureate: Carmen Nuptiale.
1816The Poet's Pilgrimage to Waterloo. Part the First. The Journey.
1816The Poet's Pilgrimage to Waterloo. Part the Second. The Vision.
1816The Poet's Pilgrimage to Waterloo: Proem.
1816[To Chauncy Hare Townshend, 10 February 1816, on completing the Faerie Queene.
1819[To Herbert Hill, 31 December 1819; on Spenserian Stanzas.]
1821A Vision of Judgement.
1823[Robert Southey's first Encounter with the Faerie Queene.]
1825A Tale of Paraguay.
1825A Tale of Paraguay. Canto II.
1825A Tale of Paraguay. Canto III.
1825A Tale of Paraguay. Canto IV.
1825A Tale of Paraguay: Proem.
1825 ca.Collections for the History of English Literature and Poetry. Spenser.
1827Dr. Sayers's Works.


The fall of Robespierre: an historic drama [with Coleridge]. 1794.
Poems [with Robert Lovell]. 1795.
Joan of Arc: an epic poem. 1796, 1798.
Poems. 1796, 2 vols, 1799.
Letters written during a short residence in Spain and Portugal. 1797, 2 vols, 1808.
On the French revolution [Necker, trans. Southey] 2 vols, 1797.
The annual anthology [ed. Southey]. 2 vols, 1799, 1800.
Thalaba the destroyer. 2 vols, 1801.
Amadis of Gaul [Lobeira, trans. Southey]. 4 vols, 1803.
Works of Thomas Chatterton [ed. Cottle and Southey]. 3 vols, 1803.
Madoc: a poem, in two parts. 1805.
Metrical tales and other poems. 1805.
Letters from England. 3 vols, 1807.
Palmerin of England [revised Southey]. 1807.
Specimens of the later English poets, ed. Southey. 3 vols, 1807.
The remains of Henry Kirke White: with an account of his life. 2 vols, 1807.
Chronicle of the Cid, from the Spanish [trans. Southey]. 1808.
Geographical, natural, and civil history of Chili [Molina, trans. Southey]. 1808.
Memoria sobre a Litteratura Portugueza [trans. Southey]. 1809.
The curse of Kehama. 1810.
History of Brazil. 3 vols, 1810-1819.
The history of Europe. 4 vols, 1810-13.
Omniana [with Coleridge]. 2 vols, 1812.
The origin, nature, and object of the new system of education. 1812.
An exposure of the misrepresentations and calumnies in Mr. Marsh's review of Sir George Barlow's administration at Madras. 1813.
The life of Nelson. 2 vols, 1813.
Roderick: the last of the Goths. 1814.
Odes to His Royal Highness the Prince Regent, His Imperial Majesty the Emperor of Russia and His Majesty the King of Prussia. 1814.
Carmen triumphale. 1814.
The minor poems. 3 vols, 1815.
A summary of the life of Arthur Duke of Wellington. 1816.
The poet's pilgrimage to Waterloo. 1816.
The lay of the laureate: carmen nuptiale. 1816.
Wat Tyler: a dramatic poem. 1817.
A letter to William Smith esq MP. 1817.
The byrth, lyf and actes of King Arthur, with an introduction. 2 vols, 1817.
The life of Wesley, and the rise and progress of Methodism. 2 vols, 1820.
A vision of judgement. 1821.
The expedition of Orsua and the crimes of Aguirre. 1821.
Life of John Duke of Marlborough. 1822.
History of the Peninsular War. 3 vols, 1823-32.
The book of the church. 2 vols, 1824.
A tale of Paraguay. 1825.
Vindiciae ecclesiae anglicanae: letters to Charles Butler. 1826.
All for love; and the pilgrim to Compostella. 1829.
Lives of uneducated poets. 1829.
Poetical works. 1829.
Sir Thomas More: or colloquies on the progress and prospects of society. 2 vols, 1829.
The pilgrim's progress, with a life of John Bunyan. 1830.
The devil's walk: a poem by Professor Porson [with Coleridge]. 1830.
Select works of the British poets, from Chaucer to Jonson, with biographical sketches. 1831.
Attempts in verse by John Jones, an old servant, with some account of the writer, written by himself, and an introductory essay on the lives and works of our uneducated poets by Robert Southey. 1831.
Essays, moral and political, now first collected. 2 vols, 1832.
Works of William Cowper, ed. Southey. 15 vols, 1833-37.
Lives of the British admirals. 5 vols, 1833-1840.
Letter to John Murray, esq. 1833.
The doctor. 7 vols, 1834-47.
Horae lyricae: poems by Isaac Watts, with a memoir [ed. Southey]. 1834.
The works of William Cowper, with a life of the author. 15 vols, 1835-37.
Poetical works, collected by himself. 10 vols, 1837-38.
The life of the Rev. Andrew Bell, comprising the history of the rise and progress of the system of mutual tuition. 3 vols, 1844.
Select biographies: Cromwell and Bunyan. 1844.
Oliver Newman: a New-England tale:with other poetical remains. 1845.
Robin Hood: a fragment. 1847.
Southey's common place book, ed. J. W. Warter. 4 vols, 1849-50.
The life and correspondence of the late Robert Southey. 6 vols, 1849-50.
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Correspondence with Caroline Bowles, ed. Edward Dowden. 1881.
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Journal of a tour in the Netherlands in the Autumn of 1815. 1902.
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The contributions of Robert Southey to the Morning Post, ed. K. Curry (1984).