Charles Lamb


The son of a London clerk, Charles Lamb was educated at Christ's Hospital (1782-89); there he befriended Coleridge, who published Lamb's verse in his Poems (1796, 1797). Lamb found employment as a clerk in the East India House, where he remained until retirement in 1825. Cheerful amid sorrow, he suffered a brief period mental illness, and from 1796 cared for his sister Mary, who had killed their mother in a fit of insanity. Their Tales from Shakespeare (1807) was a great success, as were Lamb's Essays of Elia, most of which originally in the London Magazine in 1820-22.


1796To the Poet Cowper on his Recovery from an Indisposition. Written some time back.
1797A Vision of Repentance.
1811On the Ambiguities arising from Proper Names.
1818On the Poetical Works of George Wither.
1820Oxford at the Vacation.
1822Detached Thoughts on Books and Reading.
1826Popular Fallacies. ["The Sanity of True Genius."]


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A tale of Rosamund Gray and old blind Margaret. 1798.
John Woodvil: a tragedy; to which are added fragments of Burton. 1802.
The king and queen of hearts. 1805.
Tales from Shakespear, designed for the use of young persons. 2 vols, 1807.
Adventures of Ulysses. 1808.
Specimens of English dramatic poets who lived about the time of Shakespeare, with notes. 1808.
Mrs Leicester's school: or the history of several young ladies related by themselves. 1809.
Poetry for children. 2 vols, 1809.
Beauty and the beast ... a poetical version of an ancient tale. 1811.
Prince Dorus, or flattery put out of countenance: a poetical version of an ancient tale. 1811.
Mr. H, or beware of a bad name. 1813.
Works. 2 vols, 1818.
Elia: essays which have appeared under that signature in the London Magazine. 1823.
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Satan in search of a wife. 1831.
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