Bp. Reginald Heber


Reginald Heber was the son of a Cheshire clergyman; he studied at Whitchurch School (1790) and Brasenose College Oxford (B.A. 1804, Fellow of All Souls' 1805, M.A. 1808, D.D. by diploma 1823). At Oxford he was intimate with John Wilson, and won the prizes for English essay, Latin poem, and English verse. Setting aside his poetic ambitions, Heber held a variety of clerical positions from 1807 to 1822 before becoming bishop of Calcutta (1822-26). He was admired for foregoing advancement in the church to accept the call to India, and his hymns went through many nineteenth-century editions.


1801A Sense of Honour, a Prize Essay, Recited at Oxford, 1801.
1810 ca.A Fragment, after the Manner of Spenser.
1811Review of Mary Tighe's Psyche.
1812To Lieutenant-General Sir Rowland Hill, K. B.
1815 ca.Morte d'Arthur. A Fragment. Canto I.
1815 ca.Morte d'Arthur. A Fragment. Canto II.
1815 ca.Morte d'Arthur. A Fragment. Canto III.


A sense of humour: a prize essay. 1805.
Palestine: a prize poem. 1807.
Europe: lines on the present war. 1809.
Poems and translations. 1812.
The personality and office of the Christian comforter ... in a course of sermons. 1816.
A reply to certain observations on the Bampton lectures. 1817.
A sermon ... preached at Chester. 1819.
The whole works of Jeremy Taylor, ed. Heber. 1822.
A farewell sermon. 1823.
A sermon ... preached at Bombay. 1826.
A charge delivered to the cleary of the Diocese of Calcutta. 1826.
Hymns, written and adapted to the weekly church service. 1827.
Narrative of a journey through India, 1824-25. 2 vols, 1828.
Sermons preached in England. 1829.
Sermons preached in India. 1829.
A ballad, etc. 1830.
Correspondence in Life of Reginald Heber. 2 vols. 1830.
Sermons on the lessons, the Gospel, or the Epistle, for every sunday in the year. 3 vols, 1837.
Poetical works. 1841.
The lay of the purple falcon: a metrical romance. 1847.
Baptism. A sermon. 1850.
On the government of thoughts. 1858.
Blue-beard: a serio-comic oriental romance in one act. 1868.
Heber's Indian journal, a selection. 1923.