John Wilson


John Wilson ("Christopher North") was the son of a Paisley manufacturer. After study at Glasgow University, he took his M.A. from Magdalen College, Oxford (1810). Wilson worked as an attorney in Edinburgh before joining the editorial staff of Blackwood's Magazine in 1817, where he became, with John Gibson Lockhart, one of the leading Tory journalists of the age. With support from Sir Walter Scott, Robert Southey, Reginald Heber, and others, he was elected professor of moral philosophy at Edinburgh University (1820-51).


1812The Magic Mirror, addressed to Walter Scott Esq. by John Wilson.
1816The Children's Dance.
1816The Scholar's Funeral.
1817The Desolate Village. A Reverie.
1817Waking Dreams: a Fragment.
1819A Churchyard Dream.
1819The Radical's Saturday Night.
1822Desultory Stanzas upon receiving the last Sheets of Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine, No. LXV, from the Press. By Mr. North.
1822To the Veiled Magician.
1824[All Fools' Day.]


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LIghts and shadows of Scottish life: a selection from the papers of the late Arthur Austin. 1822.
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The trials of Margaret Lyndsay. 1823.
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Poems: a new edition. 2 vols, 1825.
Janus: or the Edinburgh literary almanack [with Lockhardt]. 1826.
Some illustrations of Mr McCullogh's Principles of political economy by Mordecai Mullion. 1826.
The poetical works of Milman, Bowles, Wilson, and Barry Cornwall. 1829.
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Blind Allan: a tale. 1840?
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