John Payne Collier


The son of John Dyer Collier (editor of the Critical Review), John Payne Collier studied at the Middle Temple (1811) and was a writer for the Morning Chronicle when he helped to record Coleridge's lectures of 1811-12. Collier, who contributed articles on Elizabethan literature to the Critical Review (1816-17), was an antiquarian friend of Charles Lamb, a bibliophile, and founder of the Shakespeare Society (1841). Collier was accused of forgery and falsifying documents; though the extent of his culpability has been disputed, he spent his last years living in shame. He edited Spenser's Works in 1862.


1811 ca.[Diary Entry: Coleridge on Spenser.]
1820The Poetical Decameron.
1822Preface to The Poet's Pilgrimage.
1822The Poet's Pilgrimage. Canto II.
1822The Poet's Pilgrimage. Canto III.
1822The Poet's Pilgrimage. Canto IV.
1822The Poet's Pilgrimage; an Allegorical Poem.


Trilogy on the emendations of Shakespeare's text. 1814.
Criticisms on the Bar. 1819.
The poetical decameron. 2 vols, 1820.
The poet's pilgrimage: an allegorical poem. 1822.
Select collection of old plays [Dodsley], ed. Collier. 12 vols, 1825-27.
Punch and Judy ... an account of its origin. 1828.
The history of English dramatic poetry. 3 vols, 1831.
New facts regarding the life of Shakespeare. 1835.
New particulars regarding the works of Shakespeare. 1836.
A catalogue, bibliographical and critical, of early English literature. 1837.
Further particulars regarding Shakespeare and his works. 1839.
The Egerton papers: a collection of public and private documents. 1840.
Reasons for a new edition of Shakespeare's works. 1841.
Memoirs of Edward Alleyn. 1841.
Memoirs of the principal actors in the plays of Shakespeare. 1846.
Notes and emendations to the text of Shakespeare's plays. 1852.
Reply to Mr. N. E. S. Hamilton's Inquiry into the imputed Shakespeare forgeries. 1860.
Poetical works of Edmund Spenser [ed. Collier]. 5 vols, 1862.
Illustrations of early English popular literature. 2 vols, 1863-64.
A bibliographical and critical account of the rarest books in the English language. 2 vols, 1865.
Illustrations of Old English literature. 3 vols, 1866.
Odds and ends. 1870.
An old man's diary, forty years ago. 1871.