John Hamilton Reynolds


The son of a writing-master at Christ's Hospital, John Hamilton Reynolds was educated at St. Paul's School before finding work in an insurance office. Reynolds befriended Leigh Hunt, John Keats, and Thomas Hood, publishing several volumes of poems and writing for The Champion (1815-17) and the London Magazine (1820-24). Relatively unsuccessful as a poet, Reynolds did notable work as an essayist for the Edinburgh Review, the Westminster Review, the Retrospective Review, the Athenaeum, and the New Monthly Magazine. Later in life he practiced law and was clerk to the county court in the Isle of Wight. He wrote under the pseudonyms "Peter Corcoran," "Edward Herbert," and "John Hamilton."


1814Safie: Introductory Stanzas.
1814Sappho's Address to the Evening Star.
1814The Eden of the Imagination. A Poem.
1816The Pilgrimage of living Poets to the Stream of Castaly.
1816The Reader. No. V. [On Egotism in Literature.]
1816To Spenser.
1817Milton and Spenser. Sonnet to a Friend.
1821The Romance of Youth.
1821The Romance of Youth: Preface.
1823The Princess of Moonland, "An Owre True Tale."


Leaves of laurel ... odes, for the vacant laureateship. 1813.
Safie: an Eastern tale. 1814.
The Eden of imagination: a poem. 1814.
An ode. 1815.
The naiad: a tale, with other poems. 1816.
Peter Bell: a lyrical ballad [burlesque]. 1819.
Benjamin the waggoner, a ryght merrie and conceitede tale in verse: a fragment [by Reynolds?]. 1819.
The battered tar, or the waggoner's companion. 1820?
The fancy: a selection from the poetical remains of the late Peter Corcoran [Reynolds]. 1820.
The garden of Florence and other poems. 1821.
The press, or literary chit chat: a satire. 1822.
Odes and addresses to great people [with Thomas Hood]. 1825.
One, two, three, four five, by advertisement: a musical entertainment. 1829.
Confounded foreigners: a farce. 1838.
Sporting... with contributions by ... J. H. Reynolds. 1838.
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Selected prose, ed. Leonidas M. Jones. 1966.
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