John Nichols


Nichols, the son of a baker, was born in Islington, Middlesex where he was educated at John Shield's Academy. In 1759 he began his career as a printer as an apprentice to William Bowyer, becoming his partner in 1766 and sole proprietor in 1777. In 1780 he purchased the Gentleman's Magazine, which he edited until his death. Nichols was elected F.S.A. in 1810. His printing business continued by his son and fellow-antiquary John Bowyer Nichols.


1763The Wedding Ring.
1764A Pastoral Ballad.
1765Uncertainty, an elegiac Ode.
1776Note on Spenser.


The buds of Parnassus: a collection of original poems. 1763.
Islington: a poem. 1763.
Original works of William King, ed. Nichols. 1776.
The anecdotes, biographical and literary of the late Mr. William Bowyer. 1778; 1782.
Supplement to Dr. Swift's works, ed. Nichols. 1779.
Select collection of miscellaneous poems, ed. Nichols. 8 vols, 1780-82.
Bibliotheca Topographica Britannica, with Richard Gough. 8 vols, 1780-90.
Biographical anecdotes of Mr. Hogarth, and a catalogue of his works. 1781.
Biographical anecdotes of William Ged. 1781.
A new and general biographical dictionary, with R. Heathcote. 12 vols, 1784.
The epistolary correspondence of Francis Atterbury, ed. Nichols. 1783; 5 vols, 1799.
The tatler, ed. Nichols and J. Calder, with notes by Thomas Percy. 6 vols, 1786.
Works of Leonard Welsted, ed. Nichols. 1787.
Progresses and public processions of Queen Elizabeth. 3 vols, 1788-1823.
The lover, by Marmaduke Myrtle, gent, to which is added the Reader, ed. Nichols. 1789.
The theatre by Sir Richard Steele, ed. Nichols. 1791.
History and antiquities of the county of Leicester. 4 vols in 8, 1795-1815.
Correspondence of Sir Richard Steele, ed. Nichols. 1797.
Illustrations of the manners and expences of antient times in England. 1797.
Works of Jonathan Swift, ed. Nichols. 19 vols, 1801; 24 vols, 1803, 19 vols, 1808.
Letters on various subjects to and from William Nicholson, ed. Nichols. 1809.
Samuel Pegge, Anonymania, ed. Nichols. 1809.
Thomas Fuller, History of the worthies of England, ed. Nichols and Malone. 1811.
Literary anecdotes of the eighteenth century. 9 vols, 1812-15.
Illustrations of the literary history of the eighteenth century, with John Bowyer Nichols. 8 vols, 1817-58.
Curialia miscellanea: or anecdotes of old times by Samuel Pegge, ed. Nichols. 1818.
Miscellaneous works in prose and verse of George Hardinge, ed. Nichols. 1818.
The progresses, processions, and magnificent festivities, of King James the first. 3 vols in 4, 1828.