Gabriel Harvey

(1552 ca.-1630)

Gabriel Harvey, the Hobbinol of the Shepheardes Calender, was the son of an Essex rope-maker. After schooling at Saffron Walden he entered Christ's College Cambridge as a pensioner in 1566 (B.A. 1570, M.A. from Pembroke 1573, LL.B. from Trinity 1585, D.C.L. from Oxford 1585). Harvey was professor of rhetoric (1574), a skill that availed him little as his arrogant temper and affectations of antiquity resulted in professional disappointments. Though Harvey was elected Master of Trinity in 1585, the election was set aside by royal mandate. After his acrimonious pamphlet war with Thomas Nashe, Harvey spent the last three decades of his life practicing medicine at Saffron Walden.


1580A Gallant Familiar Letter, containing an Answere to that of M. Immerito.
1590To the Learned Shepheard.
1592Foure Letters.
1592Sonnet X. A more particular Declaration of his Intention.
1592Sonnet XXII: L'Envoy; or an Answere to the Gentleman that Drunke to Chaucer.
1593A New Letter of notable Contents.


Ode natalia: vel opus euius feriae in memoriam P. Rami. 1575.
Gabrielis Harveii Ciceronianus: vel oratio. 1577.
Gabrielis Harveii rhetor: vel duorum dierum oratio. 1577.
Gabrielis Harveii Valdinatis; Smithus; vel musarum lachrymae pro obitu Thomae Smithi. 1578.
Gabrielis Harveii gratulationem Valdinensium libri quartuor. 1578.
Three proper and wittie familiar letters. 1580.
Three letters and certaine sonnets, especially touching Robert Greene. 1592.
Pierces supererogation: or a new prayse of the old asse. 1593.
A new letter of notable contents. 1593.
The trimming of Thomas Nashe gentleman. 1597.