Francis Beaumont

(1584 ca.-1616)

Francis Beaumont, the third son of Francis Beaumont, justice of the King's Bench, and brother of the poet Sir John Beaumont, matriculated at Pembroke College, Oxford at the age of 12 in 1597, and was admitted to the Inner Temple in 1600. There Beaumont wrote poems and plays, leading to a career as one of the most successful dramatists of the century. He knew Drayton and Jonson, and from 1606 to 1616 wrote plays in collaboration with John Fletcher that held the stage for more than a century. Beaumont is buried in Westminster Abbey.


1600 ca.Upon Master Edmund Spencer the Famous Poet.


Salamacis and Hermaphroditus. 1602.
The woman hater. 1607.
The knight of the burning pestle. 1613.
The masque of the Inner Temple and Grayes Inne. 1613.
Cupid's revenge. 1616.
The scornful lady. 1616.
The maid's tragedy. 1619.
A king and no king. 1619.
Philaster; or love lies a-bleeding. 1620.
Poems ... The hermaphrodite. The Remedie of Love. Elegies. Sonnets, with other poems. 1640.
Comedies and tragedies written by Francis Beaumont and John Fletcher. 1647.
The wild goose chase. 1652.
Works of Beaumont and Fletcher, ed. Alexander Dyce. 11 vols, 1843-46.
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