William Drummond


William Drummond of Hawthornden, son of John Drummond, gentleman-usher to James VI and the nephew of the poet William Fowler, was knighted upon the succession of James to the English throne. He took his M.A. from Edinburgh (1605), studied law abroad, and became laird of Hawthornden in 1610. Drummond was devoted to the Stuart dynasty and was said to have died for grief at the death of Charles I. His poetry was particularly in vogue during the Elizabethan revival at the end of the eighteenth century.


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1615To the Author [Patrick Gordon].
1617Forth Feasting.
1619Heads of a Conversation betwixt the famous Poet Ben Johnson and William Drummond, January, 1619.
1638To the Exequies of Sr. Antonye Alexander: a Pastorall Elegie.


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