Francis Quarles


Francis Quarles was he third son of James Quarles of Romford, Essex; he took his B.A. from Christ's College Cambridge in 1608 and was admitted to Lincoln's Inn in 1610. Quarles attended the princess Elizabeth as cup-bearer on her marriage to the Elector of Palatine in 1613; he was later secretary to Archbishop Ussher in Ireland (ca. 1626-30); in 1633 he retired to Essex. Quarles was Chronologer of London from 1639 until his death in 1644. His property was confiscated and manuscripts destroyed by Parliamentary soldiers.


1620Meditatio Septima.
1633 ca.Shepheards Oracles: Eclogue III. Pan. Gentilla.
1633 ca.Shepheards Oracles: Eclogue IIII. Nullifidius. Pseudo-catholicus.
1633 ca.Shepheards Oracles: Eclogue IX. Iudex. Romastix. Flambello.
1633 ca.Shepheards Oracles: Eclogue V. Virgilius. Evangelus.
1633 ca.Shepheards Oracles: Eclogue VI. Arminius. Philamnus.
1633 ca.Shepheards Oracles: Eclogue VII. Schismaticus. Adelphus.
1633 ca.Shepheards Oracles: Eclogue VIII. Anarchus. Canonicus.
1633 ca.Shepheards Oracles: Eclogue X. Orthodoxus. Catholicus. Nuncius.
1633 ca.Shepheards Oracles: Eglogue I. Gallio. Britannus.
1633 ca.Shepheards Oracles: Eglogue II. Brito. Luscus.
1633To my deare Friend, the SPENCER of this Age.
1633To the ingenious Composer of this Pastorall, the Spencer of this Age.
1635Book 5. II. Stay me with Flowers, and comfort me with Apples, for I am sicke with Love.
1644The Shepheards Oracle: delivered in an Eglogue.


A feast for wormes: a poem of the history of Jonah. 1620.
Hadassa: or the history of Queene Ester. 1621.
Job militant: with meditations divine and morall. 1624.
Sions elegies, wept by Jeremie the prophet. 1624.
Sions sonets, sung by Solomon the king. 1625.
Argalus and Parthenia. 1629, 1632.
Divine poems: containing the history of Jonah. Ester. Job. Sions sonets. elegies. 1630.
The historie of Samson. 1631.
Divine fancies: digested into epigrammes, meditations, and observations. 1632.
Quarleis [Lusus poeticus poetis]. 1634.
Emblems. 1635.
An elegie upon ... Sir Julius Caesar, Knt. 1636.
An elegie upon ... Mr John Wheeler. 1637.
Hierogplyphikes of the life of man. 1638.
Memorials upon the death of Sir Robert Quarles. 1639.
Enchyridion. 1640.
Sighes at the contemporary deaths of the Countess of Cleaveland and Mistrisse Cicily Killegrue. 1640.
Threnodes on Lady Masham and William Cheyne. 1641.
Observations concerning princes and states upon peace and warre. 1642.
Barnabas and Boanerges: or, wine and oyle for afflicted soules. 1644.
The loyall convert. 1644.
The whipper whipt. 1644.
The new distemper. 1645.
The profest royalist. 1645.
Solomons recantation, entituled Ecclesiastes, paraphrased. 1645.
Judgement & mercy for afflicted soules. 1646.
The shepheards oracles: delivered in certain eclogues. 1646.
Hosanna: or divine poems on the passion of Christ. 1647.
The virgin widow. A comedie. 1649.
Complete works, ed. A. B. Grosart. 3 vols, 1880-81.
Hosana, or divine poems on the passion of Christ and Threnodes, ed. John Horden. 1960.