Rev. Peter Heylyn


Born at Burford, Oxfordshire, Peter Heylyn attended at Merchant Taylors' School and Magdalen College Oxford (B.A. 1617, Fellow 1618-30, M.A. 1620, B.D. 1629, D.D. 1633); he was chaplain to Charles I, canon of Westminster (1631), and sub-deacon (1660). An associate and biographer of Bishop Laud, Heylen held multiple livings, several of which he lost during the interregnum. He was Rector of Hemingford (1631), Houghton-le-Spring, Durham (1632), Alresford, Hampshire (1633), South Warnborough, Hampshire (1639), and Vicar of Minster Lovell, Oxford. Heylyn was a high-churchman who devoted much of his life to theological controversy.


1621Microcosmus: The Brittish Ilands.
1631The Historie of St. George of Cappadocia.
1652Cosmographie in Four Bookes.


Microcosmus: or a little description of the great world. 1621.
The historie of the most famous saynt and souldier St George of Capadocia. 1631.
The history of the sabbath in two books. 1636.
A coale for the altar. 1636.
Antidotum Lincolniesnse. 1637.
A briefe and moderate answer to the seditious and scandalous challenges of Henry Burton. 1637.
A briefe relation of the remarkable occurences in the northerne parts. 1642.
A second, but more perfect relation of the great victory. 1642.
The historie of episcopacie. 1642.
Lord have mercy upon us. 1643.
The rebells catechisme. 1644.
A briefe relation of the death and sufferings of the L. Archbishop of Canterbury. 1644.
Parliaments power in lawes for religion. 1645.
The undeceiving of the people in the point of tithes. 1648.
Theologia veterum: or the summe of Christian theology. 1654.
A full relation of two journeys. 1656.
France painted to life by a learned and impartial hand. 1656.
A survey of the estate of France. 1656.
Observations on the historie of the reign of King Charles. 1656.
Extraneus vapulans. 1656.
The stumbling block of disobediance and rebellion. 1658.
Respondet Petrus. 1658.
A short view of the life and reign of King Charles. 1658.
Examen historicum. 1659.
Ceramen epistolare. 1659.
Biblioteca regia: or the royal library. 1659.
The parable of the tares expounded. 1659.
Historia quinqu-artiliaris: or a declamation. 1660.
Affairs of church and state in England during the life and first eight years of the reign of Queen Elizabeth. 1660.
Ecclesia restaurata: or the history of the Reformation. 1660-61.
Cyprianus anglicus: or the history of the life and death of William [Laud]. 1668.
Aerius redivivus: or the history of the Presbyterians. 1670.
The voyage of France. 1673.
Historical and miscellaneous tracts. 1681.
Memorial of Bishop Waynflete. 1851.