Edmund Waller


Waller studied at High Wycombe and Eton before entering King's College as a fellow commoner in 1621; he left for Lincoln's Inn the following year, and from 1624 sat in Parliament. He was expelled from Parliament and imprisoned in the Tower of London (1643-44), fined and banished to France. In 1651 Waller returned with a pardon from his cousin Oliver Cromwell and was a commissioner of trade (1655). Having written verses to both Cromwell and Charles II, late in life he became Fellow of the Royal Society in 1663.


1645In Answer to [One who writ against a Fair Lady], &c.
1645The Apology of Sleep.
1645The Battell of the Summer Islands.
1645Thirsis, Galatea.
1683To Mr. Creech on his Translation of Lucretius.


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Pompey the great: a tragedy, translated [collaboration]. 1664.
Upon her Majesty's new buildings at Somerset House. 1665.
Instructions to a painter for the drawing of the posture and progress of his Majesties forces at sea. 1666.
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