Rev. Thomas Fuller


Thomas Fuller, the nephew of John Davenant, Bishop of Salisbury, was born at Aldwinckle, Northamptonshire. He attended Queens College Cambridge as a fellow-commoner (B.A. 1625, M.A. 1628, B.D. from Sidney Sussex 1635, D.D. 1660) and was Vicar of St. Benet's, Cambridge (1631), prebendary of Sarum (1631), Rector of Broadwindsor, Dorset (1634), lecturer at the Savoy Chapel (1640), and chaplain to Sir Ralph Hopton during the war. Fuller was later rector of Cranford, Middlesex (1658-61), and chaplain to the King (1660). He did not live long enough to benefit from his support of the Royalist cause.


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