Rev. Henry More


The youngest of twelve children, Henry More studied at Eton and Christ's College Cambridge in 1631 (B.A. 1636, M.A. 1639, D.D. 1661). More corresponded with Descartes and was one of the Cambridge Platonists; he twice turned down the offer of a bishopric. Joseph Beaumont, another Cambridge Spenserian, was, it is said, elected Professor of Divinity for challenging More's Mystery of Godliness (1665). More was one of the early Fellows of the Royal Society (1664). There is no evidence that he was a friend of Milton, as was once assumed.


1642Psychodia Platonica. Canto II.
1642Psychodia Platonica. Canto III.
1642Psychodia Platonica. Psychozoia.
1642To his dear Father Alexander More, Esquire.
1646Cupid's Conflict.
1646Democritus Platonissans.
1647Antimonospsychia or the Fourth Part of the Song of the Soul.
1647Antipsychopannychia or the third Book of the Song of the Soul.
1647Immortality of the Soul. [Book I Canto 2.]
1647Immortality of the Soul. [Book I Canto 3.]
1647Immortality of the Soul. [Book II Canto 1.]
1647Immortality of the Soul. [Book II Canto 2; Book III Canto I.]
1647Immortality of the Soul. [Book III Canto 2.]
1647Immortality of the Soul. [Book III Canto 3.]
1647Immortality of the Soul. [Book III Canto 4.]
1647Insomnium Philosophicum.
1647Psychathanasia or the second Part of the Song of the Soul.
1647The Praeexistency of the Soul.
1647The Sleep of the Soul. [Canto II.]
1647The Sleep of the Soul. [Canto III.]
1653Conjectura Cabbalistica.
1660An Explanation of the Grand Mystery of Godliness.
1662The Defence of the Moral Cabbala.
1664The Apology of Dr. Henry More.


Psychodia Platonica: or a Platonicall song of the soul, consisting of four severall poems. 1642.
Democritus platonissans: or an essay upon the infinity of worlds out of Platonick principles. 1646.
Philosophical poems. 1647.
Observations upon Anthroposophia theomagica and Anima magica abscondita. 1650.
The second lash of Alazonomastix. 1651.
An antidote against atheism: or an appeal to the natural faculties of the mind of man. 1652; 1655.
Conjectura cabbalistica: or a conjectural essay of interpreting the mind of Moses. 1653.
Enthusiasmus triumphatus. 1656.
The immortality of the soule, so farre forth as it is demonstrable. 1659.
An explanation of the grand mystery of godliness. 1660.
Free-Parliament proposed to tender consciences. 1660.
A collection of several philosophical writings. 1662.
A modest enquiry into the mystery of iniquity. 1664.
Epistola H. Mori ad V. C. quae apologiam complecitur pro Cartesio. 1664.
Enchiridion ethicum. 1667; trans., 1690.
Divine dialogues, containing sundry disquisitions & instructions. 1668; 1713; 3 vols, 1743.
An exposition of the seven epistles to the seven churches; together with a brief discourse of idolatry. 1669.
Philosophiae teutonicae censura. 1670.
Enchiridion metaphysicum. 1671.
A brief reply to a late Answer to Dr Henry More. 1672.
Henrici Mori cantabrigiensis opera. 3 vols, 1675-79.
Remarks upon two late ingenious discourses. 1676.
Aditus tentatus rationem reddendi nominum et ordinis decem sephirotharum. 1677.
Apocalypsis Apocolypseos: or the Revelation of St John the Divine unveiled. 1680.
A plain and continued exposition of the several prophecies or divine visions of the Prophet Daniel. 1681.
Tetractys anti-astrologia, or, the four chapters in the explanation of the grand mystery of Godliness. 1681.
Two choice and useful treatises. 1682.
An answer to several Remarks upon Dr Henry More. 1684.
An illlustration of ... the Book of Daniel, and the Revelation. 1685.
Paralipomena prophetica; containing several supplements and defences of Henry More. 1685.
A brief discourse of the real presence of the body and blood of Christ in the celebration of the Holy Eucharist. 1686.
The theory and regulation of love ... to which are added letters philosophical and moral between the author [John Norris] and Dr. Henry More. 1688.
Dicourses on several texts of Scripture. 1692.
Letters on several subjects. 1694.
A collection of aphorisms, in two parts. 1704.
Divine hymns. 1706.
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