John Dryden


After education at Westminster (1645-50) John Dryden attended Trinity College Cambridge (B.A. 1654). He published Heroic Stanzas to the memory of Cromwell (1659), then Astraea Redux, celebrating Charles (1660). An early Fellow of the Royal Society (1663), Dryden supplemented a slender income by writing plays and actively pursuing patronage at court. He was Poet Laureate and Historiographer Royal (1668, 1670), positions lost when James II was deposed. Dryden devoted his last years largely to translation, including his famous Virgil.


1672Of Heroique Plays. An Essay.
1681Dedication to the Spanish Fryar.
1685Sylvae: The Preface.
1687The Hind and the Panther.
1687The Hind and the Panther. The Second Part.
1687The Hind and the Panther. The Third Part.
1690Dedication to Don Sebastian.
1691King Arthur, or, the British Worthy.
1693Dedication to Satires of Juvenal.
1695Observations on the Art of Painting.
1695 ca.On the Death of Amyntas: a Pastoral Elegy. Written by Mr. Dryden.
1697Alexander's Feast; or The Power of Musique.
1697Dedication to the Aeneid.
1697Dedication to Virgil's Pastorals.
1700Preface to Fables.


Astraea redux: a poem on the happy restoration and return of his sacred Majesty Charles the Second. 1660.
To his sacred Majesty: a panegyrick on his coronation. 1661.
To my Lord Chancellor, presented on New-years day. 1662.
The rival ladies. 1664.
The Indian emperour, or the conquest of Mexico by the Spaniards. 1667.
Annus Mirabilis: the year of wonders, 1666. 1667.
Of dramatick poesie: an essay. 1667.
Secret-love, or the maiden-queen. 1668.
Sir Martin Mar-all, or the feigned innocence. 1668.
The wild gallant. 1669.
The tempest, or enchanted island [with Davenant]. 1670.
An evening's love: or the mock-astrologer. 1671.
Tyrannick love: or the royal martyr. 1670.
The conquest of Granada by the Spaniards, in two parts. 1672.
Marriage-a-la-mode. 1673.
The assignation: or love in a nunnery. 1673.
Amboyona. 1673.
Aureng-zebe. 1676.
The state of innocence and fall of man. 1677.
All for love: or the world well lost. 1678.
The kind keeper: or Mr Limberham. 1680.
Oedipus. 1679.
Troilus and Cressida: or truth found too late. 1679.
The kind keeper; or Mr. Limberham. 1680.
Ovid's epistles, translated by several hands. 1680.
The Spanish fryar: or the double discovery. 1681.
His Majesties declaration defended. 1681.
Absalom and Achitophel: a poem. 1681.
The medall: a satyre against sedition. 1682.
Mac Flecknoe: or a satyr upon the true-blew-Protestant poet T. S. 1682.
The second part of Absalom and Achitophel. 1682.
The Duke of Guise. 1683.
Religio laici, or a layman's faith: a poem. 1682.
The Duke of Guise [with Lee]. 1683.
The vindication: or the parallel of the French Holy-League, and the English League and Covenant, turn'd into a sedition libell by Thomas Hunt. 1683.
Plutarch's Lives, translated from the Greek by several hands. 5 vols. 1683-6.
Miscellany poems. 1684.
The history of the League written in French by M. Maimbourg. 1684.
Sylvae: or the second part of poetical miscellanies. 1685.
Threnodia Augustalis: a funeral-pindarique poem sacred to the happy memory of King Charles II. 1685.
Albion and Albanius. 1685.
A defence of the papers written by the late King of blessed memory, and Duchess of York, against the answer made to the, by command. 1686.
The hind and the panther: a poem in three parts. 1687.
A song for St. Cecilia's Day 1687. 1687.
Britannia rediviva: a poem on the birth of the Prince. 1688.
Don Sebastian, King of Portugal. 1690.
Amphitryon: or the two Socia's. 1690.
King Arthur: or the British worthy. 1691.
Eleonara: a panegryical poem dedicated to the memory of the late Countess of Abington. 1692.
Cleomenes, the Spartan heroe. 1692.
The satires of Juvenalis, translated into English verse by Mr. Dryden and several other eminent hands; together with the Satires of Persius, made English by Mr Dryden. 1693.
Love triumphant: or nature will prevail. 1694.
"A parallel betwixt painting and poetry," in De arte graphica ... by C. A. Du Fresnoy. 1695.
An ode, on the death of Mr. Henry Purcell. 1696.
Alexander's feast; or the power of musique. An ode. 1697.
The works of Virgil: containing his Pastorals, Georgics and Aeneis; translated into English verse. 1697.
Fables ancient and modern. 1700.
Works. 4 vols, 1701.
Works, ed. W. Scott. 18 vols, 1808, 1821.
Poetical works, with notes by J. Warton, ed. Todd. 4 vols, 1812.
Essays of John Dryden, ed. W. P. Ker. 2 vols, 1900.
Letters, ed. Charles E. Ward. 1942.
Works [California Dryden]. 20 vols, 1956- .
Poems, ed. J. Kinsley. 4 vols, 1958.