Thomas Rymer


The son of a Yorkshire squire, Thomas Rymer attended Cambridge and became a member of Gray's Inn in 1673. While Rymer is remembered as a literary critic, he soon moved on to other things, succeeding Shadwell as Historiographer Royal to William III and devoting the remainder of his life to editing a massive collection of treaties between England and foreign governments.


1674Reflections on Aristotle's Treatise of Poesie: The Preface of the Translator.
1678The Tragedies of the last Age consider'd.


Cicero's Prince ... collected out of Cicero's works. 1668.
Reflections on Aristotle's treatise of poesie, by R. Rapin. 1674.
Edgar. 1678.
The tragedies of the last age consider'd. 1678.
A general draught and prospect of government in Europe. 1681.
Penelope to Ulyses [Ovid, trans.] 1683.
A poem on the arrival of Queen Mary. 1689.
Poems on several occasions [Rochester, ed. Rymer]. 1691.
A short view of tragedy. 1692.
A defence of dramatick poetry; being a review of Mr Collier's View. 1698.
An essay, concerning critical and curious learning. 1698.
Letters to the ... Bishop of Carlisle. 1702.
Foedera. 17 vols, 1704-17.
On the antiquity, power, and decay of Parliament. 1714.
Some translations from Greek, Latin, and Italian poets. 1714.
Critical works, ed. C. A. Zimansky. 1956.