Robert Dodsley


The son of a Mansfield schoolmaster, Robert Dodsley was employed as footman before (with assistance from Alexander Pope) he became established as a poet, a playwright, and a bookseller. He published most of the serious literary writers of his time and was a close friend of many writers whom he published. His A Collection of Poems was milestone anthology while his Collection of Old Plays made much of Elizabethan drama accessible to modern readers. A portrait by Joshua Reynolds appears in Dodsley's Trifles (1777).


1740Chronicle of the Kings of England: Elizabeth.
1742Pain and Patience. A Poem.
1744On the Death of Mr. Pope.
1757Melpomene, or the Regions of Terror and Pity: an Ode.


Servitude: a poem. 1729.
The footman's friendly advice to his brethren. 1730?
An epistle from a footman to Stephen Duck. 1731.
A sketch of the miseries of poverty. 1731.
The muse in livery. A collection of poems. 1732.
An entertainment for her Majesty's birthday. 1732.
An entertainment for the wedding of Governour Lowther. 1732.
The footman: an opera. 1732.
The modern reasoners: an epistle to a friend. 1734.
An epistle to Mr. Pope, occasion'd by his Essay on Man. 1734.
Beauty, or the art of charming A poem. 1735.
The toy-shop: a dramatick satire. 1735.
The King and the miller of Mansfield: a dramatick tale. 1737.
Sir John Cockle at court, being the sequel of the King and the miller of Mansfield: a dramatick tale. 1738.
The art of preaching in imitation of Horace's Art of Poetry. 1738.
The chronicle of the Kings of England, written in the manner of the ancient Jewish historians, by Nathan Ben Saddi. 2 bks. 1740-41.
The blind beggar of Bethnal Green. 1741.
Colin's kisses, being twelve new songs design'd for music. 1742.
Pain and patience: a poem. 1742.
A select collection of old plays. 12 vols. 1744-45.
Rex and Pontifex. 1745.
Trifles. 1745; 2 vols, 1777.
The triumph of peace, a masque. 1748.
A collection of poems by several hands. 3 vols, 1748.
The preceptor: containing a general course of education. 2 vols, 1748.
The oeconomy of human life, translated from an Indian manuscript. 1751.
Public virtue: a poem in three books. 1753.
Melpomene: or the regions of terror and pity. An ode. 1757.
Cleone. A tragedy. 1758.
A collection of poems in six volumes. By several hands [ed. Dodsley]. 1758.
Fugitive pieces on various subjects by several authors [ed. Dodsley]. 2 vols, 1761.
Select fables of Esop and other fabulists. In three books. 1761.
Fugitive pieces on several subjects. 2 vols. 1761.
Works in verse and prose, of William Shenstone [ed. Dodsley]. 2 vols, 1764.
Poetical works. 1797.
Correspondence of Robert Dodsley, ed. James E. Tierney. 1988.