Rev. Thomas Morell


The son of a saddler, Thomas Morell attended Eton (1715-21) before being admitted to King's College Cambridge on a scholarship 1722 (Fellow 1725-38, B.A. 1727, M.A. 1730, D.D. 1743). He was Curate of Kew (1731) perhaps Master of Kelvedon school until 1734, and Rector of Buckland, Hertfordshire (1737-84) — also F.S.A. (1737) and F.R.S. (1768). A scholar, librettist for Handel, and acquaintance of the Wartons, Morell was a neighbor of Thomson, Hogarth, and Garrick. He edited Chaucer; the old DNB, following Nichols and Chalmers, wrongly describes him as an editor of Spenser.


1742To Mr. Thompson, on his unfinish'd Plan of a Poem, called The Castle of Indolence, in imitation of Spenser.
1746A New Occasional Oratorio.


Poems on divine subjects, original and translated. 1732.
Canterbury Tales in the original ... and as they are turn'd into modern language by Dryden, Pope and other hands. 1737.
A sermon occasioned by the death of ... our late Gracious Queen. 1737.
The Christian's epinikion ... a paraphrase... of Paul. 1743.
Hope; a poetical essay on that Christian grace. 1745.
Judas Maccabeus, a sacred drama. 1746.
The use and importance of music in the sacrifice of thanksgiving. 1747.
Alexander Balus. An oratorio. 1748.
Euripidis Hecuba, Orestes et Phoenissae. 1748.
Hecuba translated from the Greek. 1749.
Solomon, an oratorio. 1749.
Theodora, an oratorio. 1750.
Jeptha, an oratorio. 1751?
Joshua. A sacred drama. 1752.
The charitable disposition of the present age. A sermon. 1753.
The triumph of time and truth. An oratorio [Pamfili, trans.] 1758.
Thesaurus Graecae Poesis. 2 vols, 1762.
Nabal, an oratorio. 1764.
Graecum lexicon manuale [Hederich, ed. Morell] 1766.
Aeschyli Prometheus vinctus. 1767.
The game of chess ... translated [Vida]. 1769.
Gideon, a new oratorio. 1769.
A sermon preached at the anniversary meeting of the Sons of the Clergy. 1772.
Gradus ad Parnassum ... novissimam hanc editionem recensuit. 1773.
Dictionary, Latin and English [Ainsworth, ed. Morell]. 1783.
The epistles of Seneca. 2 vols, 1786.
Index ad Sophoclem. 1787.
Notes and annotations on Locke on the human understanding. 1794.
Studies in history. 1813.