Sir Charles Hanbury Williams


The son of John Hanbury, Charles Hanbury Williams studied at Eton and was M.P. for Monmouthshire (1734-47), Leominster (1754-59), and paymaster of marine forces (1739-42). A Court Whig, he was a friend of Henry Fielding who composed satirical verses and contributed to Dodsley's Collection of Poems and The New Foundling Hospital for Wit. He died by suicide in November 1759.


1740 ca.To Mrs. Bindon at Bath.


An ode to the Duke of Argyle. 1740.
A dialogue between G[iles] E[arl]e and B[ubb] D[oddingto]n. 1741.
The country girl: an ode. 1742.
A new ode to a great number of great men newly made. 1742.
An ode humbly inscribed to the Right Honourable W[illiam Pulteney] E[arl] of B[ath]. 1742.
An epistle to the Right Honourable William Pultney. 1742.
The old coachman: a new ballad. 1742.
Letter to Mr Dodsley, bookseller in Pall Mall. 1743.
The wife and the nurse: a new ballad. 1743.
S[andy]s and J[ekyl]l: a new ballad. 1743.
Eog S—y's budget open'd. 1743.
Plain thoughts in plain language: a new ballad. 1743.
Solomon's porch S—s and W—r. 1743.
Peter and my Lord Quidam. 1743.
An ode from the Earl of Bath to ambition. nd.
Old England's Te deum. nd.
Place book for the year seventeen-hundred forty-five: a new ballad. 1745.
An ode to the Right Honourable Lord Viscount Lonsdale. 1745.
The heroes: a new ballad. 1745.
An ode imitated from ode xi, book 2d of Horace. 1745.
Sir C.H.W. to Edward Hussey esq. 1746.
A new ballad on Lord Doneraile's altering his chapel at Grove into a kitchen. 1746.
An ode to the Honourable Henry Fox on the marriage of the Duchess of Manchester to Hussey esq. 1746.
An ode addressed to the author of the Conquered Duchess. 1746.
Hussey to Sir C.H.W—s: or the rural reflections of a Welch poet. 1746.
An ode to the Right Honourable Stephen Poyntz esq. 1746.
The unembarrassed countenance: a new ballad. 1746.
Tar water: a ballad inscribed to the Rt. Hon Philip Earl of Chesterfield. 1747.
A collection of poems. 1763, 1780.
Works [notes by Horace Walpole]. 3 vols, 1822.