Rev. Thomas Warton


The younger Thomas Warton studied at Basingstoke Grammar School and Trinity College Oxford (B.A. 1747, M.A. 1750, B.D. 1767); he held the college living of Kiddington (1771). Like his father before him, he was Oxford professor of poetry (1756-66). Thomas Warton was also Camden Professor of Ancient History (1785-90), and succeeded William Whitehead as Poet Laureate (1785). The British Library has Warton's annotated 1617 Faerie Queene.


1745Eclogue the Fifth.
1745Eclogue the First.
1745Eclogue the Fourth.
1745Eclogue the Second.
1745Eclogue the Third.
1745Morning. An Ode. The Author confined to College.
1746 ca.Horace, Book III. Ode 18.
1746Ode to Pleasure.
1746 ca.Ode to Taste.
1746Ode V. To a Gentleman upon his Travels thro' Italy.
1746To a Fountain. Imitated from Horace, Ode III, Book III.
1747The Pleasures of Melancholy. A Poem.
1748A Panegyrick on Ale.
1748A Pastoral on the Death of Bion. From the Greek of Moschus.
1748An Invocation to a Water-Nymph.
1748Verses written upon seeing Windsor Castle.
1749The Triumph of Isis. A Poem.
1750Sent to a Friend, on his leaving a favourite Village.
1751Ode to Horror. In the Allegoric Descriptive, Alliterative, Epithetical, Fantastic, Hyperbolical, and Diabolical Style.
1751["Elegy on the Death of Prince Frederick."]
1752 ca.Ode on a new Plantation of flowering Shrubs in Trinity College Garden.
1753A Pastoral in the Manner of Spenser. From Theocritus. Idyll XX.
1753Ode on the Approach of Summer.
1754Observations on the Faerie Queene: I. Of the Plan and Conduct of the Faerie Queene.
1754Observations on the Faerie Queene: II. Of Spenser's Imitations from Old Romances.
1754Observations on the Faerie Queene: III. Of Spenser's Use and Abuse of antient History and Mythology.
1754Observations on the Faerie Queene: IV. Of Spenser's Stanza, Versification, and Language.
1754Observations on the Faerie Queene: IX. Mr. Upton's opinion, concerning several Passages in Spenser, examined.
1754Observations on the Faerie Queene: V. Of Spenser's Imitations from Chaucer.
1754Observations on the Faerie Queene: VI. Of Spenser's Imitations from Ariosto.
1754Observations on the Faerie Queene: VII. Of Spenser's Inaccuracies.
1754Observations on the Faerie Queene: VIII. Of Spenser's imitations of himself.
1754Observations on the Faerie Queene: X. Of Spenser's Allegorical Character.
1754Observations on the Faerie Queene: XI. Containing Miscellaneous Remarks.
1758Sent to Mr. Upton, on his Edition of the Faerie Queene.
1758The Contest between Love and Glory, in imitation of the first Ode of Anacreon.
1760 ca.Votum Spenseri.
1761Cherwell. An Ode. [The Complaint of Cherwell.]
1761To the Queen.
1761[Untitled, "When bold Columbus, o'er th' Atlantic Main."]
1762Observations on the Fairy Queen of Spenser: Postscript.
1762Written after the late Installation at Windsor.
1769Solitude, at an Inn. (Written May 15, 1769.)
1774History of English Poetry.
1777Inscription in a Hermitage, at Ansley-Hall, in Warwickshire.
1777Monody, written near Stratford upon Avon.
1777The Crusade.
1777The First of April.
1777The Grave of King Arthur.
1777The Hamlet. Written in Whichwood Forest.
1777The Suicide.
1777To Sleep.
1777Written at Vale-Royal Abbey in Cheshire.
1781The History of English Poetry. Vol. 3.
1782Verses on Reynolds's Painted Window at New-College.
1785Poems by John Milton.
1787On His Majesty's Birth-Day, June 4th, 1787.
1788[Fragment of a New Year's Ode.]
1790[Birth-Day Ode for 1790.]


Five pastoral eclogues. 1745.
The pleasures of melancholy. A poem. 1747.
The triumph of Isis, a poem. 1749.
Verses on Miss Cotes and Miss Wilmot. 1749.
A description of the city, college, and cathedral of Winchester. 1750.
Newmarket, a satire. 1751.
Ode for music as performed at the theatre in Oxford. 1751.
The union; or select Scots and English poems [ed. Warton]. 1753.
Observations on the Fairy Queen of Spenser. 1754; 2 vols, 1762.
Inscriptionum Romanorum metricarum delectus [ed. Warton]. 1758.
A description of the city, college and cathedral of Winchester. 1760.
Mons Catharinae, prope Witoniam. 1760.
The life and remains of Ralph Bathurst. 2 vols, 1761.
A companion to the guide, and a guide to the companion. 1762.
The Oxford sausage, or select pieces written by the most celebrated wits of the University of Oxford [ed. Warton]. 1764.
Anthologiae Graecae a Constantino Cephala [ed. Warton]. 1766.
Theocriti Syracusii quae supersunt [ed. Warton]. 2 vols, 1770.
The life of Sir Thomas Pope, founder of Trinity College, Oxford. 1772.
Mons Catharinae prope Wintoniani. 1774.
The history of English poetry. 3 vols, 1774-81.
Poems. 1777; 1779; 1791.
An enquiry into the authenticity of the poems attributed to Thomas Rowley. 1782.
Specimen of a history of Oxfordshire. 1782.
Verses on Sir Joshua Reynolds's painted window at New College. 1782.
John Milton, Poems upon several occasions [ed. Warton]. 1785, 1790.
Verses left under a stone. 1790?
Essays on gothic architecture, by the Rev. Thomas Warton, Rev. J. Bentham, etc. 1800.
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