John Scott of Amwell


John Scott of Amwell, the first notable Quaker poet, was born in London where his father worked as a draper. The family removed to Amwell when the boy was ten, and there Scott briefly attended school. Through his Quaker connections he met the poet John Hoole, who introduced him to Samuel Johnson. Scott contributed to The Gentleman's Magazine (1753-58, 1777-78) and reviewed for the Monthly Review (1779-82). He lived a retired life at Amwell, cultivating his garden and performing good works.


1758To Fear
1760Four Elegies: Descriptive and Moral.
1760Ode to Fancy.
1778Moral Eclogues I. Theron; or, the Praise of Rural Life.
1778Moral Eclogues II. Palemon; or, Benevolence.
1778Moral Eclogues III. Armyn; or, The Discontented.
1778Moral Eclogues IV. Lycoron; or, The Unhappy.
1780 ca.Essay VII. On Gray's Church-Yard Elegy.
1782Amoebaen Eclogues I. Rural Scenery; or, The Describers.
1782Amoebaen Eclogues II. Rural Business; or The Agriculturalists.
1782An Essay on Painting. To a young Artist.
1782Ode VII. Written in Winter.
1782Ode XXV. The Melancholy Evening.
1782Oriental Eclogues I. Zerad; or, The Absent Lover: an Arabian Eclogue.
1782Oriental Eclogues II. Serim; or, the Artificial Famine: an East-Indian Eclogue.
1782Oriental Eclogues III. Li-Po; or, The Good Governor: a Chinese Eclogue.
1782Stanzas written at Medhurst, in Sussex, on the Author's return from Chichester, where he had attempted in vain to find the Burial-place of Collins.
1782The Mexican Prophecy, an Ode.
1782The Shepherd's Elegy; occasioned by the Death of an ingenious Friend.


Four elegies: descriptive and moral. 1760.
Digest of the present act for amendment of the highways. 1768.
Elegy, written at Amwell. 1769.
The constitution defended [against Samuel Johnson's False Alarm]. 1770.
Observations on the present state of the parochial and vagrant poor. 1773.
Remarks on the Patriot ... with an address to the Electors of Great Britain. 1775.
Amwell; a descriptive poem. 1776.
Four months tour through France. 1776.
Digests of the general highway and turnpike laws. 1778.
Moral eclogues. 1779.
A letter to the Critical reviewers. 1782.
Poetical works. 1782.
Critical essays ... on English poets. 1787.