Oliver Goldsmith

(1730 ca.-1774)

Oliver Goldsmith was born near Ballymahon, Ireland and educated at several grammar schools before entering Trinity College Dublin as a sizar (B.A. 1750); he studied medicine in Edinburgh (1752-53). Goldsmith traveled on the Continent before settling in London (1756); failing to establish a medical practice, he taught school and wrote for the Monthly Review (1757-58); in 1759 he edited The Bee before gaining a high reputation as a poet, playwright, and novelist shortly before his death.


1767The Beauties of English Poesy: The School-Mistress.
1770The Deserted Village, a Poem.


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The mystery revealed. 1762.
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The present state of the British empire. 1768.
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The deserted village. 1770.
The life of Henry St. John, Lord Viscount Bolingbroke. 1770.
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Threnodia Augustalis. 1772.
She stoops to conquer. 1773.
The Grecian history. 2 vols, 1774.
An history of the Earth and animated nature. 8 vols, 1774.
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