Rev. Charles Churchill


The son of a Westminster curate, Charles Churchill attended Westminster School (1741-48) where he met William Cowper and formed a lasting friendship with Robert Lloyd. He was admitted to St. John's College Cambridge but married before he could take up residence. He was ordained in 1756 and became his father's curate (1758-63) and tutor at a girls school. He soon resigned his clerical career to become a libertine, a political ally of Wilkes, and the most admired and feared satirist of his generation. He died in exile in France.


1763The Author. A Poem.
1763The Ghost. Book IV.
1763The Prophecy of Famine. A Scots Pastoral.


The Rosciad. 1761.
The apology, addressed to the Critical reviewers. 1761.
Night: an epistle to Robert Lloyd. 1761.
The ghost. 1761, 1762, 1763.
The conference. 1763.
The author. 1763.
An epistle to William Hogarth. 1763.
Poems. 2 vols, 1763-65.
The prophesy of famine: a Scots pastoral. 1763.
The duelist. 1764.
The candidate. 1764.
Gotham. 3 vols, 1764.
Independence. 1764.
The times. 1764.
The farewell. 1764.
The journey: a fragment. 1765.
Sermons. 1765.
Poems. 3 vols, 1767.
Works. 4 vols, 1774.
Poetical works, ed. William Tooke. 2 vols, 1804.
Poetical works, ed. George Gilfillan. 1855.
Poetical works, ed. J. Laver. 2 vols, 1933.
Correspondence of Wilkes and Churchill, ed. E. H. Weatherley. 1954.
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