Rev. John Langhorne


The youngest son of the Rev. Joseph Langhorne of Westmoreland, the poet studied at Winton and Appleby Schools before enrolling as a sizar at Clare Hall, Cambridge, though he was unable to attend for lack of funds. He worked as a private tutor and usher at Wakefield Free School before taking orders in 1760. Langhorne was curate and lecturer of St. John's, Clerkenwell (1764), assistant preacher at Lincoln's Inn (1765), Rector of Blagdon, Somerset (1766-79), and prebendary of Wells (1777). He edited the works of William Collins (1765), reviewed poetry for Monthly Review (1761-1778), and corresponded with Hannah More.


1755 ca.Studley Park. To the Rev. Mr. Farrer.
1756Written amongst the Ruins of Pontefract Castle. MDCCLVI.
1758Le Sociable. Partly in the manner of Milton.
1758Le Solitaire.
1760 ca.Hymn to Humanity.
1760 ca.Hymn to the Rising Sun.
1761A Hymn to Hope.
1761[Hymeneal. On the Marriage of his present Majesty.]
1763Genius and Valour: a Scotch Pastoral.
1765Observations on the Odes, Descriptive and Allegorical.
1765Observations on the Oriental Eclogues.
1775Review of Spenser's Fairy Queen attempted in Blank Verse. Canto I.


The death of Adonis, from Bion. 1759.
Poems on several occasions. 1760.
The tears of music: a poem, to the memory of Mr. Handel. 1760.
A hymn to hope. 1761.
Letters on religious retirement. 1762.
Solyman and Almena: an oriental tale. 1762.
The visions of fancy. In four elegies. 1762.
The viceroy; a poem: addressed to the Earl of Halifax. 1762.
Effusions of friendship and fancy; in several letters. 1763.
The enlargement of the mind. Epistle to General Craufurd. 1763.
Genius and valour: a Scotch pastoral. 1764.
The letters that passed between Theodosius and Constantia; after she had taken the veil. 1764.
Sermons. 1764.
William Collins, Poetical works [ed. Langhorne]. 1765.
Letters on the eloquence of the pulpit. 1765.
The love of mankind... a sermon. 1766.
Poetical works. 2 vols, 1766.
Precepts of conjugal happiness, addressed to a lady on her marriage. 1767.
Sermons preached before ... Lincoln's Inn. 2nd edition, 1767.
Frederick and Pharamond; or the consolations of human life. 1769.
Letters supposed to have passed between M. de St. Evremond, and Mr. Waller. 1769.
Letters to Eleonora. 2 vols, 1770.
Plutarch's Lives [with William Langhorne]. 6 vols, 1770.
Fables of Flora. 1771.
The origin of the veil: a poem. 1773.
The country justice, a poem. 1774.
The proper business of the ecclesiastic life ... a sermon. 1776.
Owen of Carron: a poem. 1778.
Solyman and Almena. An oriental tale. 1780.
Poetical works, ed. J. T. Langhorne. 2 vols, 1804.