Anna Seward


"The Swan of Lichfield," Anna Seward was the daughter of a canon of Lichfield Cathedral. She was born in Eyam, Derbyshire and moved with her family to Lichfield in 1754; she was the friend or acquaintance of Erasmus Darwin, William Hayley, Francis Mundy, Thomas Day, Richard Lovell Edgeworth, Hester Thrale Piozzi, and other notables. In her lifetime, Seward's effusive and sentimental poetry did as much to advance the cause of women's writing as afterwards it did damage. Her father, Thomas Seward, published in Dodsley's Collection.


1765 ca.Evander to Emillia.
1768 ca.Monody on Mrs. Richard Vyse.
1770 ca.Ode to Content.
1772To Time Past. Written Dec. 1772.
1781Ode to Ignorance; in imitation of Spencer. ["Knowledge, a Poem."]
1782Poem to the Memory of Lady Miller.
1785Ode to Melpomene.
1785Verses written by Miss Anna Seward in the Blank Leaves of her own Poems, presented by her to William Newton.
1786Ode to Salust. Book II. Ode II.
1786To Valgius. From Horace Book II. Ode II.
1787Ode on General Eliott's Return from Gibraltar.
1787To Licinius Murena. From Horace, Book II. Ode X.
1792[To Henry Francis Cary, on early Poets.]
1796Llangollan Vale.
1796Pastoral Ballad.
1802Chatterton's Poem Charity, modernized from its obsolete English.
1802Complaint of an Arabian Lover. Ode.
1802[To Henry John Todd, 11 June, 1802.]
1805To Miss Catherine Mallet.
1805[Note on Akenside as an imitator of Spenser.]


Elegy on Captain Cook. 1780.
Monody on Major Andre. 1781.
Poem to the memory of Lady Miller. 1782.
Louisa: a poetical novel in four epistles. 1784.
Ode on General Elliott's return from Gibraltar. 1787.
Variety: a collection of essays. 1788.
Llangollen vale, with other poems. 1796.
Original sonnets. 1799.
Memoirs of the life of Dr. Darwin. 1804.
Memoirs of Abelard and Eloisa. 1805.
Blindness, a poem. 1806.
Monumental inscriptions in Ashbourn church, Derbyshire. 1806.
Poetical works, ed. Walter Scott. 3 vols, 1810.
Letters ... 1784-1807, ed. Archibald Constable. 6 vols, 1811.