Anna Laetitia Barbauld


Anna Aikin was the daughter of John Aikin of Warrington Academy and sister of Dr. John Aikin; she married Rev. Rochemont Barbauld in 1774. Barbauld taught school in Suffolk (1774-87) and corresponded with Elizabeth Montagu, Dr. Johnson, Richardson, Joseph Johnson, Joanna Baillie, Hannah More, and Fanny Burney. A prominent voice in liberal politics, she early developed a reputation as a poet and reviewed fiction for the Monthly Review (1809-1815) and edited the British Novelists in 50 volumes (1810). Among her pupils were William Roscoe and William Taylor of Norwich. Her husband committed suicide in 1808.


1772 ca.Epithalamium.
1773Ode to Spring
1773The Hill of Science. A Vision.
1779 ca.Lines placed over a Chimney-piece.
1780 ca.A School Eclogue.
1789 ca.Love and Time. To Mrs. Mulso.
1797To Mr. C—ge.
1800 ca.To a Friend.
1814 ca.Stanzas: in the Manner of Spenser.


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