Thomas Park


Thomas Park was educated at Heighington Grammar School near Lincoln; failing to find government employment, he worked as a engraver. In 1797 he abandoned that trade to become a poet, editor, and biographer. As a literary man he enjoyed the friendship of several notables, among them Samuel Egerton Brydges, with whom he was an assistant editor of the Poetical Register. Park edited a large number of works in prose and verse with more industry than accuracy. Not the least of his accomplishments was the bibliography of George Wither in the British Bibliographer (1810).


1797Stanzas on the Death of Dame Morris.
1818To E. W. Author of The Village Sunday: a Poem written in the Manner of Spenser.
1818To Edward, Lord Thurlow.


Sonnets and other small poems. 1797.
Cupid turned volunteer; in a series of prints designed by the Princess Elizabeth, with poetical illustrations by Thomas Park. 1804.
Nugae antiquae [Harington, ed. Park]. 2 vols, 1804.
The works of the British poets, ed. 42 vols, 1805-08.
Poetical works of William Hamilton, ed. Park. 1805.
Poetical works of Isaac Watts, ed. Park. 1805.
Poetical works of James Hammond, ed. Park. 1805.
Poetical works of Thomas Warton, ed. Park. 1805.
Fables of Bocaccio, ed. Park. 1806.
A catalogue of royal and noble authors [Walpole, ed. Park]. 5 vols, 1806.
Poetical works of Edward Moore, ed. Park. 1806.
Poetical works of John Dryden, ed. Park. 1806.
The poetical works of Nathaniel Cotton., ed. Park. 1806.
Poetical works of Richard Glover, ed. Park. 1806.
Poetical works of Robert Burns, ed. Park. 1807.
Poetical works of Thomas Tickell, ed. Park. 1807.
Poetical works of Thomas Gray, ed. Park. 1808.
Poetical works of William Collins, ed. Park. 1808.
The Harleian miscellany, ed. Park. 10 vols, 1808-13.
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Poetical works of Edward Young, ed. Park. 1813.
Reliques of ancient English poetry [Percy, ed. Park]. 3 vols, 1812.
A select collection of English songs [Ritson, ed. Park]. 3 vols, 1813.
Heliconia: comprising a collection of English poetry of the Elizabethan age 1575-1604. 3 vols, 1815.
Epitaphial lines supposed to be inscribed near the royal vault at Windsor. 1817.
Facetiae. Musarum deliciae, ed. Park. 1817.
Nugae modernae: morning thoughts and midnight musings in prose and verse. 1818.
The trumpet of Fame, ed Park. 1818.