Rev. Henry John Todd


The son of a clergyman, Henry John Todd attended Magdalen College Oxford (B.A. 1784, M.A. 1786). He was librarian at Lambeth Palace, minor canon of Canterbury Cathedral and curate of St. John's and St. Bridget's, Beckermet (1787-1803), Rector of Orgarswick (1791-92), Rector of All-Hallows, Lombard Street (1801-10), Vicar of Milton (1792-1801), Vicar of Ivingthoe (1803), Rector of Woolwich (1803-05), Vicar of Eddlesborough (1805-07), Rector of Little Gaddesden (1805), Coulsdon (1807-20); Vicar of Addington (1812), Rector of Settrington (1820), Royal Chaplain (1812), prebendary of York (1830), and archdeacon of Cleveland (1832-45). He was awarded an annual pension by George IV.


1805Some Account of the Life of Spenser.
1805Works of Edmund Spenser: Preface.


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