Barbara Hofland


Barbara Hofland was the daughter of a Sheffield manufacturer named Wreaks; she was raised by a maiden aunt before marrying her first husband, T. Bradshawe Hoole, a merchant. Upon the early death of her husband she published a volume of poems which attracted over 2000 subscribers — enabling her to open a boarding-school at Harrowgate. With her second husband, the painter Thomas Hofland, she settled in London and began publishing novels, including a series representing the moral virtues: Integrity, Patience, Self-Denial, Humility, Energy, Fortitude, and Decision.


1819White-Knights. A Poem.


Poems. 1805.
History of an officer's widow. 1814.
Little dramas for young people. 1810.
A season at Harrogate; in a series of poetical epistles. 1812.
The son of a genius: a tale for the use of youth. 1812.
Says she no to her neighbour, What? 4 vols, 1812.
The history of a clergyman's widow and her young family. 1812.
Patience and perseverance: or the modern Griselda. 4 vols, 1813.
Panorama of Europe: or a new game of geography. 1813.
Iwanowna: or the maid of Moscow. 1813.
The sisters. 1813.
A visit to London: or Emily and her friends. 4 vols, 1814.
The merchant's widow and her family. 1814.
Ellen the teacher. 2 vols, 1815.
A father as he should be. 4 vols, 1815.
Theodore, or the Crusaders: a tale for youth. 1815.
Matilda, or the Barbadoes girl: a tale. 1816.
The affectionate brothers. A tale. 2 vols, 1816.
The good grandmother, and her offspring. 1817.
A descriptive account of the mansion and gardens of White-Knights, a seat of His Grace the Duke of Marlborough. 1819.
The blind farmer and his children. 1819.
Tales of the Priory. 4 vols, 1820.
The young cadet, or, Henry Delamere's voyage to India. 1821.
Tales of the manor. 4 vols, 1822.
Adelaide, or, the intrepid daughter: a tale. 1823.
The daughter of a genius: a tale for youth. 1823.
Integrity: a tale. 1823.
Decision: a tale. 1824.
Patience: a tale. 1824.
The daughter-in-law, her father, and family. 1825.
Alfred Campbell, the young pilgrim. 1825.
Moderation: a tale. 1825.
The young northern traveller: or Alfred Campbell's return. 1826.
Reflection, a tale. 1826.
The young pilgrim, or, Alfred Campbell's return to the East. 1826.
William and Uncle Ben: a tale. 1826.
Self-denial, a tale. 1827.
Africa described. 1828.
Katherine: a tale. 4 vols, 1828.
Beatrice: a tale founded on facts. 3 vols, 1829.
The stolen boy: an Indian tale. 1830?
The captives in India ...; and, A widow and a will. 3 vols, 1834.
Fortitude: a tale. 1835.
Rich boys and poor boys, and other tales. 1836?
Humility: a tale. 1837.
Energy: a tale. 1838.
Farewell tales. 1840.
The Czarina. 3 vols, 1842.
The godmother's tales. 1842.
The King's son: a romance of English history. 3 vols, 1843.
Emily's reward: or the holiday trip to Paris. 1844.
The unloved: a domestic story. 3 vols, 1844.
Daniel Dennison; and, The Cumberland statesman. 3 vols, 1846.