Walter Savage Landor


The son of a wealthy physician, Walter Savage Landor studied at Rugby and Trinity College, Oxford (1793) where resided a year before being rusticated. After publishing his first volume of poems in 1795 he spent most of the next twenty years living in Wales. In 1808 Landor served as a volunteer in Spain during the Napoleonic wars; in 1814 he departed for Italy where, still courting controversy, he lived for most of the remainder of his long life.


1810[Letter to Robert Southey on Spenser.]
1824Imaginary Conversations: Queen Elizabeth and Cecil.
1826Imaginary Conversations: Johnson and Tooke. Second Conversation.
1828[Elegy for John Keats.]


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Moral epistle respectfully dedicated to Earl Stanhope. 1795.
To the burgesses of Warwick. 1797.
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Poetry by the author of Gebir. 1800.
Iambi incerto auctore. 1802?
Simonidea. 1806.
Three letters written in Spain. 1809.
Ode ad Gustavum regem; ode ad Gustavum exulem. 1810.
Count Julian: a tragedy.
Commentary on memoirs of Mr Fox. 1812.
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Idyllia nova quinque heroum atque heroidum. 1815.
Poche osservazinoni sullo stato attuale di que' populi. 1821.
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Gebir, Count Julian, and other poems. 1831.
Citation and examination of William Shakspeare. 1834.
Pericles and Aspasia. 2 vols, 1836.
The letters of a conservative. 1836.
Terry Hogan: an eclogue. 1836.
A satire on satirists and admonition to detractors. 1836.
Literary hours by various friends. 1837.
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Andrea of Hungary and Giovanna of Naples. 1839.
Fra Rupert. 1840.
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Imaginary conversation of King Carlo-Alberto and the Cuchess Belgioiso on the affairs and prospects of Italy. 1848.
Carmen ad heroianam. 1848?
Epistola ad Pium IX. 1849.
Epistola ad Romanos. 1849.
Ad Cossuthum et Bemum. 1849.
Statement of occurences at Llandbedr. 1849.
Popery, British and foreign. 1851.
On Kossuth's voyage to America. 1851.
Tyrranicide. 1851.
Imaginary conversations of Greeks and Romans. 1853.
The last fruit of an old tree. 1853.
Letters of an American mainly on Russia and revolution. 1854.
Antony and Octavius: scenes for the study. 1856.
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Mr Landor threatened. 1857.
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