Rev. George Croly


The son of a physician, George Croly attended Trinity College Dublin (B.A. 1800, M.A. 1804, LL.D. 1831); he held a curacy in Ireland before coming to London in 1810. Croly contributed to Blackwood's and a variety Tory papers; after moderate success as a poet he achieved popular success with his novel Salathiel (1828). Preferment came late in life and from an unexpected source: in 1835 Lord Brougham secured him a London parish, St. Stephens Church, Walbrook.


1817Paris in 1815. A Poem.
1818A Sketch from the Life.
1818James, Giles, and Luke. A Parochial Eclogue. Addressed to the Reformers.
1818Nelson's Pillar. Written on the Beach at Yarmouth on a stormy Evening.
1818On a fine Portrait, by Masquerier, of a Lady (since dead) standing before a Glass.
1818On J. P. Davis's admirable Picture of Mrs. Barker, in the Somerset House Exhibition.
1818The Artist's Chamber. A Sketch on the Spot.
1819From Ossian.
1819Jacob's Dream. A Picture by Allston, in the Royal Academy.
1819The Thirteenth of February.
1819To Romance.
1820A Vision.
1820Ode from Horace.
1820The Angel of the World.
1820The Entry into Jerusalem. (Mr. Haydon's great Picture.)
1820The Funeral.
1821Evening. A free Translation from the Greek of Alcaeus.
1821Fragment, from Theocritus. — a free Translation. Id. 11.
1821Paris in 1815. Part the Second.
1821Remarks on Shelley's Adonais.
1821The Hermit. A Fragment from an unpublished Poem.
1821Virgil's Tomb.
1822A Woman contemplating a Household God.
1822Castor and Pollux.
1822Cupid carrying Provisions.
1822The Education of Bacchus.
1822The Winter's Evening. From the Greek.
1822Venus clipping the Wings of Cupid.
1823Aulae Sacrae.
1823Bellator Moriens.
1825A Passage from St. Augustine.
1825A Story of Archbishop Usher.
1825The Guardian Angels.
1827The Monument.
1828The Beauties of the British Poets: Introductory Observations.


Paris in 1815: a poem. 1817.
Lines on the death of Princess Charlotte. 1818.
The angel of the world: an Arabian tale; Sebastian, a Spanish tale, with other poems. 1820.
The coronation. Observations on the public life of the King. 1821.
Gems principally from the antique, drawn by Richard Dagley, with illustrations in verse by George Croly. 1822.
Cataline: a tragedy, with other poems. 1822.
Popery and the Popish question. 1825.
The Apocalypse of St John, a new interpretation. 1827.
May Fair, in four cantos. 1827.
The beauties of the British poets, with a few introductory observations. 1828.
The Englishman's polar star!! Or, a deeply interesting and highly important view of unquestioned historical facts, as connected with the honour and safety of the British empire. 1828.
Salathiel: a story of the past, the present, and the future. 3 vols. 1828.
Tales of the Great St. Bernard. 3 vols, 1828.
The life and times of his late majesty George IV. 1830.
Poetical works. 2 vols, 1830.
The Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in foreign Parts. A sermon. 1831.
The years of liberation. 2 vols, 1832.
Divine providence; or the three cycles of Revelation. 1834.
The spread of the Gospel the safeguard of England! A sermon. 1835.
The works of Alexander Pope [ed. Croly]. 1835.
The Reformation a direct gift of divine providence. 1838.
Memoir of the political life of the Right Honourable Edmund Burke. 1840.
Historical sketches, speeches, and characters. 1842.
The universal kingdom. A sermon. 1843.
The modern Orlando. Cantos 1-7 [all pbd.] 1846.
Marston: or the soldier and statesman. 3 vols, 1846.
The claims of Jews incompatible with the national profession of Christianity. 1848.
The divine origin and obligation of marriage. A sermon. 1848.
National diseases, divine judgments.... A sermon. 1848.
Papal Rome ... A sermon. 1848.
Popery the Antichrist ... A sermon. 1848.
Sermons preached ... in 1847. 1848.
The years of revolutions. 1849.
Infant regeneration ... A Sermon. 1850.
National knowledge, national power; an address. 1850.
The Popish primacy; two sermons. 1850.
The theory of baptism. 1850.
Scenes from scripture, with other poems. 1851.
The theory of the Lord's supper. 1851.
The miracles of scripture contrasted with the fictions of Popery. 1852.
Public worship a divine obligation. A sermon. 1852.
A sermon on the death of the Duke of Wellington. 1852.
National defence essential to national safety ... A sermon. 1853.
England, Turkey, and Russia. A sermon. 1854.
Psalms and hymns for public worship. 1854.
The Book of Job, with a memoir by F. W. Croly. 1863.