Rev. Francis Hodgson


The son of a Herefordshire clergyman, Francis Hodgson studied at Eton and King's College Cambridge (B.A. 1804, Fellow 1803-15, M.A. 1807, B.D. 1840). He was an assistant master at Eton (1807) and later Provost (1840-52). Ordained in 1814, Hodgson was Curate of Bradden, Northamptonshire (1815), Vicar of Bakewell, Derbyshire (1816-36), Archdeacon of Derby (1836-40), and Rector of Cottisford, Oxfordshire (1842-52). He was a prolific writer for the Critical Review and Monthly Review (1809-1815).


1810Sir Edgar, a Tale in Two Cantos.
1813Man was made to Mourn, by L—d B.
1813P—e of Pinner, or the Suburban Cottage, by T. C.
1818Childe Harold's Monitor.
1818The Friends. Book II.
1818The Friends. Book III.
1818The Friends. Book IV.
1818The Friends: a Poem. In Four Books.


The satires of Juvenal, translated. 1807.
Lady Jane Grey, a tale; with miscellaneous poems in English and Latin. 1809.
Sir Edgar, a tale; with serious translations from the ancients, and merry imitations of a modern. 1810.
Leaves of laurel; or new probationary odes, for the vacant laureatship. 1813.
Charlemagne ... an epic poem [L. Bonaparte, trans.] 1815.
Childe Harold's monitor; or lines occasioned by the last canto of Childe Harold. 1818.
The friends, a poem. 1818.
Saeculomastix; or the lash of the age we live in. 1819.
Sacred leisure; or poems on religious subjects. 1820.
Excerpta e testamento veteri, versibus Latinis redita. 1828.
Select portions of sacred history, conveyed in sense for Latin verses. 1828.
Mythology for versification. 1831.
Mythologia versibus Latinis accommodata. 1832.
A charge delivered to the clergy of the archdeaconry of Derby. 1837.
Sacred lyrics: adapted to Latin versification. 1842.
Elements of faith and practice, in two sermons. 1846.
Lyricorum Sacorum, sive ex propheticis, et aliis Veteris Testamenti libris excerptorum, clavis metrica. 1850.