Rev. John Mitford


John Mitford, editor of the Gentleman's Magazine (1834-50), was the son of an East India merchant. He was educated at Tunbridge School, where he was a student of Vicesimus Knox, and Oriel College Oxford (B.A. 1804), where he was an intimate friend of the Spenserian poet Reginald Heber. Mitford was ordained in 1809 and was rector of Benhall, Weston St. Mary's, and Stratford St. Andrew. He collected books and art, contributed articles on early English poetry to the Gentleman's Magazine, and edited the works of Thomas Gray and other poets in the Aldine edition, including Spenser.


1802The Crusades.


Agnes, the Indian captive, with other poems. 1811.
A letter to Richard Heber esq. on Mr. Weber's edition of Ford. 1812.
Works of Thomas Gray, ed. Mitford. 1814, etc.
Sacred specimens selected from the early English poets. 1827.
Poetical works of William Cowper, ed. Mitford. 1831-32.
Poetical works of John Dryden, ed. Mitford. 1832.
Poetical works of John Milton, ed. Mitford. 1832.
Poetical works of Thomas Parnell, ed. Mitford. 1833.
Poetical works of Jonathan Swift, ed. Mitford. 1833.
Poetical works of Edward Young, ed. Mitford. 1834.
Poetical works of Samuel Butler, ed. Mitford. 1835.
Poetical Works of Robert Burns, ed. Mitford. 1835-39.
Poetical works of Matthew Prior, ed. Mitford. 1835.
Poetical works of Oliver Goldsmith, ed. Mitford. 1839.
The correspondence of Thomas Gray and the Rev. Norton Nicholls; with other pieces, ed. Mitford. 1843.
Lines suggested by a fatal shipwreck. 1844.
The correspondence of Horace Walpole, earl of Orford, and William Mason, ed, Mitford. 2 vols, 1851.
The life of John Milton. 1851.
Poetical works of Edmund Spenser, ed. Mitford. 1852.
The correspondence of Thomas Gray and William Mason, to which are added some letters addressed by Gray to the Rev. James Brown, ed. Mitford. 1853-55.
Additional notes to The correspondence of Gray and Mason. 1855.
Cursory notes on various passages in the text of Beaumont and Fletcher, as edited by A. Dyce. 1856.
Miscellaneous poems. 1858.
Letters in M. Houstoun, Sylvanus redivivus. 1889.