Mary Russell Mitford


Mary Russell Mitford was born at Alresford, in Hampshire, the only child of Dr. George Mitford. After attending boarding school she published poetry and Julian, a successful tragedy. Her best-known work was Our Village, published in five volumes (1824-32). With the proceeds from this work and her publications in the literary annuals she supported her spendthrift father until his death in 1842. In 1852 she published three volumes of memoirs as Recollections of a Literary Life.


1811Christina, the Maid of the South Seas; a Poem.
1811Ode to Consumption.
1811Westminster Abbey.
1811[To her Father, on the Spenserian Stanza.]
1811[To the Spirit of the South Seas.]
1812Ode to Genius.
1813Introduction to Narrative Poems on the Female Character.
1813The Rival Sisters: a Poem, in Three Cantos.
1820[To William Elford, 11 November, 1820; on Walter Scott.]
1827On leaving a favourite Picture.


Poems. 1810, 1811.
Christina, the maid of the South Seas: a poem. 1811.
Blanche of Castille. 1812.
Watlington Hill: a poem.
Narrative poems on the female character. 1813.
Julian: a tragedy in five acts. 1823.
Our village: skeches of rural character and scenery. 5 vols, 1824-32.
Foscari: a tragedy.
Foscari and Julian: tragedies. 1827.
Dramatic scenes, sonnets, and other poems. 1827.
Rienzi: a tragedy. 1828.
Mary, Queen of Scots: a scene in English verse. 1831.
Lights and shadows of American life. 3 vols, 1832.
Charles the First: an historical tragedy in five acts. 1834.
Sadak and Kalasrade, or the waters of oblivion: a romantic opera. 1836.
Belford Regis: or sketches of a country town. 3 vols, 1835.
Country stories. 1837.
Works, prose and verse. 1841.
Recollections of a literary life: or books, places, and people. 3 vols, 1852.
Atherton and other tales. 3 vols, 1854.
Dramatic works. 2 vols, 1854.
The life of Mary Russell Mitford in a selection from her letters. 3 vols, 1870.
Letters to C. Boner. 1871.
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