William Maginn


The son of a schoolmaster, William Maginn was born in Cork and attended Trinity College Dublin (B.A. 1811, LL.D. 1819). In Edinburgh he contributed to Blackwood's (1821-23) and in London to Fraser's, writing for the Tories and trying to avoid his creditors. He wrote under the pseudonyms "Morgan O'Doherty," "M. O'D.," "R.T.S.," "Olinthus Petre, D.D.," "Rev. E. Hincks, F.T.C.D.," "Morty Macnamara Mulligan," "Philip Forager," "Richard Dowden," "Wm. Holt," "An Irish Gentleman lately deceased," "Bob Buller," Giles Middleswitch," "Thomas Jennings, Soda Water Manufacturer," "R.F.P," "Augustinus," "P.T.T.," "Blaize Fitztravesty, Esq.," etc.


1820Letter from Lord Byron, enclosing the Commencement of Childe Daniel.
1821Elegy on my Tom Cat.
1821Ode on the King's Landing in Ireland, Twelfth August, MDCCCXXI.
1822[Untitled, "So the Public at length is beginning to tire on."]
1823Ode on a May Morning, MDCCCXXIII. By Odoherty.


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