John Holland


John Holland, the son of a maker of optical instruments of the same name, was born in Sheffield Park and educated by a local schoolmaster. In 1817 he met the poet James Montgomery, whose biography he would later write, and whom he succeeded as editor of the Sheffield Iris (1825-32). Holland, active in Methodist circles, was a prolific poet who contributed to a number of periodicals and literary annuals.


1827Proem to Flowers from Sheffield Park.
1829The Pleasures of Sight. A Poem.


Sheffield Park: a descriptive poem. 1820.
The cottage of Pella, a tale of Palestine; with other poems. 1821.
The hopes of matrimony, a poem. 1822.
The picture of Sheffield; or, An historical and descriptive view of the town of Sheffield. 1824.
The old arm-chair: or, Recollections of a bachelor: a tale. 1824.
History, antiquities, and description of the town and parish of Worksop, in ... Nottingham. 1826.
Flowers from Sheffield Park: a selection of poetical pieces originally published in The Sheffield Iris. 1827.
The pleasures of sight; a poem. 1829.
Memoirs of the life and ministry of the Rev. John Summerfield. 1830.
A treatise on the progressive improvement and present state of the manufactures in metal. 3 vols, 1831.
Tyne banks: a poetical sketch. 1832.
Cruciana: illustrations of the most striking apects under which the cross of Christ. 1835.
The tour of the Don; a series of extempore sketches. 1837.
The history and description of fossil fuel, the collieries, and coal trade of Great Britain. 1841.
The psalmists of Britain: records biographical and literary. 2 vols, 1843.
Poets of Yorkshire [William Cartwright Newsam, completed by Holland]. 1845.
Memorials of Sir Francis Chantrey, sculptor in Hallamshire and elsewhere. 1851.
Memoirs of the life and writings of James Montgomery, including selections from his correspondence, remains in prose and verse, and conversations on various subjects. 7 vols, 1854.
Sheffield Park: a descriptive poem. 1859.
Sheffield and its neighbourhood. 186?