Alaric Alexander Watts


Alaric A. Watts received his early education at Wye College Grammar School and the Academy at Ashford before finding employment in a grammar school at the age of fifteen. He married Zilla Wiffen, the youngest sister of Jeremiah Holmes Wiffen, wrote poetry, and worked as a journalist for Tory newspapers. Under his editorship the Literary Souvenir (1825-35) became one of the first and most successful of the literary annuals. Watts corresponded with most of the leading writers of the era.


1820Lines, written on the blank Leaf of The Angel of the World and other Poems, by the Rev. G. Croly.
1820Stanzas, written near the Croix de la Flegere, in the Vale of Chamouni.
1823The Profession. A Sketch.
1824Lines written beneath a Picture.
1824Posthumous Fame.
1825The Sleeping Cupid. From the celebrated Picture by Guido, in the Collection of Earl Fitzwilliam.


Poetical sketches: with stanzas for music, and other poems. 1822.
Poetical sketches, The profession; The broken heart, etc. 1823; 1824; 1828.
The literary souvenir, ed. Watts. 1825-35.
The poetical album, and register of modern fugitive poetry. 2 vols, 1828-29.
Scenes of life and shades of character. 2 vols, 1831.
Lyrics of the heart: with other poems. 1851.
Men of the time, etc., ed. Watts. 1856.