Mary Howitt


Mary Botham grew up in a Quaker family that took some care with her education; she was married William Howitt in 1821. The Howitts collaborated on a profusion of works in many literary kinds, and traveled much in Britain and the Continent; Mary was much in demand as a contributor to gift-books and annuals. She was an acquaintance of Mary Russell Mitford and corresponded with Bernard Barton and Felicia Hemans, among many other literary friends.


1826Surrey in Captivity.
1827Lines for the Tomb of Hofer, the Tyrolese Patriot, on the Brenner Mountains.
1827Stanzas to Bernard Barton.
1827The Desolation of Eyam.
1827The Last Eve of Saul.


The forest minstrel and other poems [with William Howitt]. 1823.
The desolation of Eyam, the emigrant: a tale of the American woods; and other poems [with William Howitt]. 1827.
Sketches of natural history. 1834.
Wood Leighton: or a year in the country. 3 vols, 1836.
Hymns and fireside verses. 1839.
Hope on, hope ever! 1840.
Strive and thrive: a tale. 1840.
Sowing and reaping: or what will come of it? 1841.
Work and wages: or a life in service. 1842.
Little coin, much care. 1842.
Love and money, an everyday tale. 1843.
No sense like common sense: or some passages in the life of Charles Middleton. 1843.
My uncle, the clockmaker. A tale. 1844.
Fireside verses. 1845.
Ballads and other poems. 1847.
The children's year. 1847.
The heir of Wast-Waylan. 1847.
Howitt's journal of literature and other popular progress. 1847-49.
Our cousins in Ohio. 1849.
The picture book for the young. 1855.
Birds and flowers and other country things. 1855.
Marion's pilgrimage: a fire-side story, and other poems. 1859.
A popular history of the United States. 1859.
Lillieslea: or lost and found. 1861.
Little Arthur's letters to his sister Mary. A pleasing picture book. 1861.
The cost of Caergwyn. 3 vols, 1864.
Stories of Stapleford. 1864.
Tales in prose for young people.
Tales in verse for young people. 1865.
Our four-footed friends. 1867.
Vignettes of American history. 1869.
Birds and their nests. 1872.
Tales for all seasons. 1881.