Capel Lofft


Capel Lofft 's father was Sarah Churchill's personal secretary; his mother was sister to the Shakespeare editor Edward Capell. He studied at Eton, Peterhouse College Cambridge, from which in 1770 he moved to Lincoln's Inn. In 1781 he succeeded to the family estates near Bury St. Edmunds. Lofft was a staunch supporter of Charles James Fox, and later of Napoleon. He patronized Robert Bloomfield, Henry Kirke White, and Bernard Barton.


1797On the Anniversary of a favorite Terrier.
1798Lines on a tall Tree, which stands as a Road Mark, where the Author very frequently walked.
1799On the Tree which is the subject of the Sonnet Vol. VI. p. 178.
1804Preface to Laura: a Collection of Sonnets.
1804To Coleridge.
1807La Corona. The Wreath.


The praises of poetry. A poem. 1775.
View of the several schemes respecting America. 1775.
Dialogue on the principles of the Constitution. 1776.
Reports of Cases adjudged in the court of the King's bench 12 to 14 Geo III. 1776.
Observations on Wesley's Second calm address, and incidentally on other writings upon the American question. 1777.
Observations upon Mrs. Macauley's History of England. 1778.
Principia cum iuris universalis tum praecipue Anglicani. 2 vols, 1779.
Elements of universal law, being a translation of the first volume of the Principia. 1779.
An argument on the nature of party and faction. 1780.
Eudosia, or a poem on the universe. 1781.
Inquiry into the legality and expediency of increasing the Royal Navy. 1783.
Observations on a dialogue on the actual state of parliament. 1783.
The frist and second Georgic of Virgil attempted in blank verse. 1784.
An essay on the law of libel. 1785.
Three letters on the question of regency. 1788.
Observations on ... Dr. Knowles's Testimonies of the divinity of Christ, from the first four centuries. 1789.
An history of the corporation and test acts. 1790.
A Vindication of An history of the corporation acts. 1790.
Remarks on Burke's Letter upon the French revolution, and on the proceedings of certain Societies in London. 1790.
Preface to an argument on the distinction between manslaughter and murther. 1791.
Remarks on the Letter of Mr. Burke to a member of the National Assembly, with several papers. 1791.
An essay on the effect of a dissolution of Parliament on an impeachment by the House of Commons for high crimes and misdemeanors. 1791.
The first and second Books of Milton's Paradise lost [Book I only; ed. Lofft]. 1792.
On the revival of the cause of reform in the representation of the House of Parliament. 1809.
Aphorisms form Shakespeare. 1812.
Laura, or an anthology of sonnets. 5 vols, 1814.