Anna Maria Porter


Anna Maria Porter was born in Salisbury, the daughter of a surgeon and the younger sister of the novelist Jane Porter and the painter Robert Ker Porter. After the death of William Porter in 1780 the family moved to Edinburgh, where the girls were educated at George Fulton's school. Anna Maria published her first poems at the age of thirteen, and two novels by the age of twenty. In 1807 the Porter family moved to Esher in Surrey, and in 1831 to London.


1795Address to Summer.
1811Youth, an Allegory.


Artless tales. 2 vols, 1795, 1798.
Walsh Colville; or, a young man's first entrance into life. 1797.
Octavia, a novel. 3 vols, 1798.
The lake of Killarney: a novel. 3 vols, 1804.
A sailor's friendship, and a soldier's love. 2 vols, 1805.
The Hungarian brothers. 3 vols, 1807.
Don Sebastian, or the House of Braganza: an historical romance. 4 vols, 1809.
Ballad romances, and other poems. 1811.
Tales of pity on fishing, shooting, and hunting, intended to inculcate in the mind of youth, sentiments of humanity toward the brute creation. 1814.
The recluse of Norway. 4 vols, 1814.
The knight of St. John: a romance. 3 vols, 1817.
The fast of St. Magdalen: a romance. 3 vols, 1818.
The village of Mariendorpt: a tale. 4 vols, 1821.
Roche-Blanche, or the hunters of the Pyrenees. 3 vols, 1822.
Honor O'Hara: a novel. 3 vols, 1826.
Tales round a hearth. 2 vols, 1826.
Coming out; and the field of the forty footstep. 3 vols, 1828.
The barony. 3 vols, 1830.