Dr. James McHenry


James McHenry, the son of a merchant of Larne, County Antrim, studied at Trinity College Dublin and at Glasgow University. He practiced medicine at Larne and Belfast before emigrating to the United States in 1816, where he worked in Baltimore and Pittsburgh before settling in Philadelphia. There he edited the American Monthly Magazine and published some once-popular historical novels. He was active in politics, and returned to Ireland as United States consul in Londonderry (1842-45).


1808An Elegy. Written on the Banks of the Inver, near Larne Churchyard.
1808Corun and Lorah. A Pastoral Legend.
1822The Pleasures of Friendship: a Poem.
1824A Review of Poems by J. G. Percival.
1824An Ode to General La Fayette, on visiting the United States, in 1824.


The bard of Erin and other poems mostly national. 1808.
Patrick: a poetical tale founded on Incidents which took place in Ireland during the unhappy period of 1793. 1810.
The pleasures of friendship: a poem in two parts, to which are added a few original Irish melodies. 1822.
Waltham: an American revolutionary tale in three cantos. 1823.
The wilderness; or, Braddock's times: a tale of the west. 2 vols, 1823.
The spectre of the forest; or, annals of the Housatonic, a New-England romance. 2 vols, 1823.
O'Halloran; or, the insurgent chief: an Irish historical tale of 1798. 2 vols, 1824.
The hearts of steel: an Irish historical tale of the last century. 2 vols, 1825.
The usurper: an historical tragedy in five acts. 1829.
The betrothed of Wyoming: an historical tale. 1830.
The feelings of age, to which is added the star of love: poems. 1830.
Meredith; or, the mystery of the Meschianza: a tale of the American Revolution. 1831.
The antediluvians; or, the world destroyed: a narrative poem in ten books. 1839.