Samuel Daniel


Samuel Daniel studied at Magdalen College Oxford (1581-84) under his future brother-in-law, John Florio. He served in France under Stafford and Walsingham (1586) and in the household of the Mary Sidney, Countess of Pembroke as tutor to William Herbert (1592-94). Daniel afterwards held a variety of positions at court. Edmund Spenser in Colin Clouts Come Home Againe praises Daniel as "A new shepheard late up sprung, | The which doth all afore him far surpasse." As a licenser of plays, he was involved with court festivities during the reign of James I. Daniel ended his life living in retirement at his Wiltshire farm.


1592Sonnet XLVI. ["Let others sing of Knights and Palladines."]
1594Sonnet LVI. ["As to the Roman that would free his Land."]
1594Sonnet XXII. ["Come Time the anchor-hold of my desire."]
1594To the Right honorable, the Lady Mary, Countesse of Pembrooke.
1594To the Right Honourable, the Lady Marie, Countesse of Pembrooke.
1599Musophilus: containing a Generall Defence of All Learning.
1599The Civill Wars of England.
1599To the right Honourable and most vertuous Ladie, the Ladie Margaret Countesse of Cumberland.
1601Sonnet XX. ["What it is to breathe and live without life."]
1601Sonnet XXIX. ["Still in the trace of one perplexed thought."]
1601Sonnet XXXII. ["And yet I cannot reprehend the flight."]


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