Gervase Markham

(1568 ca.-1637)

Gervase Markham, a Nottinghamshire relation of Sir John Harington, fought in the Netherlands and in Ireland with Essex. He lived as a country gentleman and proposed agricultural reforms in a plethora of pamphlets (his bibliography is complex). It has been suggested that Markham was Shakespeare's model for Armado in Loves Labours Lost.


1601Marie Magdalens Lamentations: The Preface.
1607The English Arcadia: To the Reader.
1613 ca.The Newe Metamorphosis.


A discource of horsmanshippe. 1593.
Thyrsis and Daphne [not extant]. 1593.
The gentlemans academie: or the booke of S. Albans by Juliana Barnes. 1595.
The most honorable tragedie of Sir Richard Grinvile. 1595.
Poem of poems, or Sions Muse. 1595.
Devereux: virtues teares [trans.] 1597.
A health to the gentlemanly profession of servingmen. 1598.
The tears of the beloved: or the lamentation of Saint John. 1600.
Marie Magdalens lamentations. 1601.
A most exact, ready and plaine discourse, how to trayne and teach horses to amble. 1605.
The English arcadia, alluding his beginning from Sir Philip Sidnes ending. 1607, 1613.
Cavelarice: or the English horseman. 1607.
Rodomonths infernall: or the divell conquered [Ariosto, trans.] 1607.
The shape and porportion of a perfit horse. 1607.
The dumbe knight [with Lewis Machin]. 1608.
The famous whore: or noble curtizan Paulina. 1609.
A cure for all diseases in horses. 1610.
Markhams maister-peece: or what doth a horse-man lacke. 1610.
The most famous and renowed historie of Mervine, sonne to Oger the Dane [trans. Markham?]. 1612.
The English husbandman. 2 vols, 1613, 1614.
Hobsons horse-load of letters: or a president for epistles. 1613, 1617.
Cheape and good husbandry. 1614.
Country contentments, in two bookes. 1615.
A school for young soldiers. 1615.
Maison rustique: or the countrey farme [augmented Markham]. 1616.
The horsemans honour [by Markham?]. 1620.
Markhams farewell to husbandry. 1620.
Hungers prevention: or the whole arte of fowling. 1621.
A second part to the mothers blessing: or a cure against misfortunes. 1622.
The true tragedy of Herod and Antipater [with William Sampson]. 1622.
Certaine excellent and new invented knots and mazes, for gardens [by Markham?]. 1623.
A way to get wealth. 1623.
Honour in his perfection. 1624.
The souldiers accidence. 1625.
The souldiers grammar. 1626, 1627.
The description of that ever to be famed knight, Sir John Burgh. 1628.
Markhams faithful farrier. 1629.
The whole art of husbandry [Heresbach, trans.] 1631.
The art of archerie. 1634.
The souldiers exercise. 1639.
The teares of the beloved and Marie Magdalen's Lamentations for the losse of her master. 1601, ed. A. B. Grosart. 1871.