Ben Jonson


Ben Jonson studied under Camden at Westminster School, labored as a bricklayer and dragged a pike in the United Provinces. By 1597 he was acting in London, where he was twice jailed for offending the authorities. Jonson composed plays and masques and made a bid for the laureateship with the publication of his "Works" in 1616. Recently discovered evidence suggests that Jonson admired Spenser more than had been traditionally supposed.


1616The Golden Age Restored.
1619Heads of a Conversation betwixt the Famous Poet Ben Johnson, and William Drummond of Hawthornden.
1623To the Memory of my beloved, the Author Mr. William Shakespeare: and what he hath left us.
1632Epithalamion celebrating the Nuptials of Mr. Hierome Weston.
1635 ca.An Epigram to my Muse, the Lady Digby, on her Husband, Sir Kenelme Digby.
1635 ca.Timber, or Discoveries.
1641The Sad Shepherd: or a Tale of Robin Hood.


The comical satyre of Every man out of his humor. 1600.
Every man in his humour. 1601.
The fountaine of selfe-love: or Cynthias revels. 1601.
Poetaster or the arraignment. 1602.
B. Jon: His part of King James his royall and magnificent entertainment. 1604.
Eastward hoe [with Chapman and Marston]. 1605.
Sejanus his fall. 1605.
Hymenaei: or the solemnities of masque, and barriers. 1606.
Volpone or the foxe. 1607.
The characters of two royall masques, the one of blacknesse, the other of beautie. 1608.
The description of a masque celebrating the marriage of John, Lord Ramsey. 1608.
Ben: Josnon, His case is altered. 1609.
The masque of queenes celebrated from the house of fame. 1609.
Cataline his conspiracy. 1611.
The alchemist. 1612.
A challenge at tilt. 1616.
The entertainment of the two kings of Great Britaine and Denmarke at Theobalds. 1616.
An entertainment of King James and Queene Anne at Theobalds. 1616.
Epicoene: or the silent woman. 1616.
Epigrammes. 1616.
The forrest. 1616.
The golden age restored. 1616.
The Irish masque. 1616.
Love freed from ignorance and folly. 1616.
Love restored. 1616.
Mercurie vindicated from the alchemists. 1616.
Oberon: the Faery prince. 1616.
A private entertainment of the King and Queen at Highgate. 1616.
The speeches at Prince Henries barriers. 1616.
The workes of Benjamin Jonson [includes the above]. 1616.
Lovers made men. A masque. 1617.
Epicoene, or the silent woman. A comodie. 1620.
The masque of augures. 1622.
Time vindicated to himselfe and to his honors. 1623.
Neptunes triumph for the returne of Albion. A masque. 1624.
The fortunate isles and their union. A masque. 1625.
Love's triumph through Callipolis. A masque. 1630.
Bartholomew fayre. The Divill is an asse. The staple of newes [Workes vol. 2]. 1631.
Chlorinda, Rites to Chloris and her nymphs. 1631.
The new inne: or the light heart. 1631.
The English grammar. 1640.
Execration against Vulcan, with divers epigrams. 1640.
The gypsies metamorphos'd. 1640.
Horace his art of poetrie. 1640.
The magnetique lady. 1640.
A tale of a tub. 1640.
The under-wood. 1640.
Workes [includes the above]. 1640.
Christmas his masque. 1641.
For the honour of Wales. 1641.
The kings entertainment at Welbeck. 1641.
Loves wel-come at Bolsover. 1641.
The masque of owles. 1641.
Newes from the new world discover'd in the moone. 1641.
Pans anniversarie: or the shepherds holy-day. 1641.
Pleasure reconciled to virtue. 1641.
The sad shepherd: or a tale of Robin Hood. 1641.
Timber: or discoveries made upon men and matter. 1641.
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