Rev. John Donne


The son of a London citizen, John Donne was raised in a Catholic family. He matriculated at Hart Hall Oxford in 1584 at the age of 11 (created M.A. in 1610) from whence he entered Lincoln's Inn in 1592, and participated in the Cadiz expedition of 1596-97. Donne was secretary to Sir Thomas Egerton from 1596 to 1601, when his ambitions were thwarted by his secret marriage to Anne More. Turning from satire and lyric to sacred and epideictic writings, Donne sought patronage at court. He was ordained in 1615 and appointed dean of St. Paul's in 1622.


1613An Epithalamion, or Mariage Song on the Lady Elizabeth, and Count Palatine being married on St. Valentines Day.
1613Ecclogue. 1613. December 26.
1613 ca.Epithalamion made at Lincolnes Inne.


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